HURRY!!! GiftCardMall $$$$$ Making Visa Gift Card Deal Returns

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GiftCardMall Money Making Visa Gift Card Deal Returns

GiftCardMall Money Making Visa Gift Card Deal Returns

GiftCardMall has an amazing deal available on Five Back Visa, which is basically free money. You can buy a $500 Gift Card for only $485 plus a $5.95 activation fee. Let’s take a look at the details.

The Offer

Get 3% off on Visa Five Back Gift Cards.  Make sure you go through a shopping portal.  Ebates is offering 1% on these purchases.

Buy Here

Key Terms

  • Offer valid December 18th through 19th
  • Limited quantity

Need to Know

  • GiftCardMall loves loves loves to cancel orders for no reason. Be prepared for some frustration if you haven’t ordered through them before.
  • This deal is probably going to reach its limit sooner rather than later.


This is definitely a great deal and it won’t last long. You will have to pay for shipping but this will still give you a huge discount on Five Back Visa Cards that we rarely see, especially if you’re ordering a few of them. You can also try a cashback portal for another 1% back.

If you have been able to get your orders through in the past then you shouldn’t have any issues. Otherwise it’s usually a headache, but still worth trying for this deal.


Hat tip to DoC


  1. I don’t believe ebates pays 1%. this is from their site: “Cash Back will be automatically added to your Ebates account within one week.

    Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on gift cards for Hess Gasoline, Gulf, Safeway, BP, Best Buy, Gift Card Mall eGift, Arco, Target, Choice Card; or on Visa gift card, Visa purchase Fee, Customization Fee, Shipping Cost, or Tax.”

    • It is in my pending and I have been paid in the past for it. May be one of those things that gets paid even though it technically shouldn’t.


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