is Neutered with New $250 Limit on Visa Gift Cards: Does It Still Make Sense?


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giftcardscom visa 250 limit’s New $250 Limit

I have written quite a lot in the past about Visa gift cards. These cards are decent for manufactured spend, because they are personalized and feel very sturdy. They also work to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart. Unfortunately they may work too well.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some disturbing changes with First, they killed a free shipping code that had been around for awhile. Then they raised the fee per $500 card to $6.95 and eliminated the cheaper first class shipping option. Then today happened.

Just like GiftCardMall before them, has now limited the maximum denomination you can purchase to $250 with a $4.95 fee. These cards do still apparently earn 1% back in rewards, however the math is not nearly as good, especially considering that you must now deal with twice as many cards. Let’s take a look.

New Visa Math

The maximum purchase at is $2,500. That means you could buy nine cards with a total cost of $2,302 including fees & shipping before hitting the limit.

  • Cost of cards: $2,302
  • Face value of cards: 2,250
  • Total fees paid: $52
  • Minus rewards earned (1%): $22.50
  • FINAL COST: $29.50
  • Cost as percentage: 1.31%


As you can see, the cost as a percentage is still not too bad at 1.31% after rewards, however you now have to deal with twice as many cards. For most people this will only make sense when trying to meet minimum spend. There are of course better deals out there if you have a category bonus at office supply, grocery or other stores.


This is another manufactured spending hit in a week that saw a ton of ups and downs. Overall this doesn’t surprise me considering the relatively rapid moves they have made to change things over the past couple of months. Mission accomplished Mission accomplished. Time to hit the brakes.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. Shawn,

    I live in a rural town in Oklahoma with no access to a Simon Mall. I order my GCs exclusively online. Is this the end of $500 VGCs as we know it online? I also use staples with my Ink + and Bold. Thanks for any info you may have.


  2. Tonight I reorder the same cards 3x$500 I ordered before under ” Rapid Reorder”. The purchase was confirmed by email. Card fee is $9.95 each plus S&H $7.45.
    Let see if it will ship out?

  3. is selling $400 visa gift cards with free shipping, although with a $6 card fee, but not sure whether it will work for serve loads. Does anybody have any experience with this??


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