A Frustrating Gogo Internet Malfunction & How I Fixed It


gogo unavailable error

Gogo Malfunction – A Quick & Easy Fix

Yesterday I flew from Las Vegas to Chicago for the Chicago Seminars. Since I still have quite a few free Gogo passes from my Amex Business Platinum card, I had hoped to get some work done on the plane.

After we reached 10,000 feet, I connected to Gogo and tried to reach the internet. Normally it redirects your browser to the login/payment page, but I kept getting a message saying the service was unavailable. For the next 30 minutes I kept trying again and again and the message was still the same. I even disconnected from the network and reconnected. I also restarted my computer. No go!

gogo unavailable error

Then I decided to type in AA.com to see what would happen. Surprisingly it loaded! Finally, the obvious dawned on me. I needed to try a different browser! Me so stupid. Anyway, I immediately opened up Internet Explorer and was able to reach the Gogo login page and sign-in. I did lose about half of the flight waiting for it to become “available”. Oh well. Such is life.

Tips for Success

If you are on a Gogo flight and receive the unavailable notice:

  • Check to see if an unblocked site like the carrier’s website loads.
  • Use a different browser.
  • Clear your cookies.

The Gogo internet SHOULD work if you are over the Continental United States and above 10,000 feet. If you do have to change browsers, once you purchase the internet pass or login to your account, you can use whatever browser you want. A simple fix, but one it took me about an hour too long to figure out! Live & learn!

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