Great Deal: Over 50% Off Costco Membership Plus Other Goodies!


Costco Membership Discount Coupon

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Costco Membership Discount Coupon

Right now Living Social has a very good deal on Costco Gold Star Membership. For $55 (the normal price of a membership if you walk into a store) you get a 1 year membership plus a bunch of goodies. Of course we can juice it up a little better than that. Let’s take a look.

What You Get

For $55 you get:

  • 1 year Gold Star Membership
  • $20 Costco Cash Card
  • Coupon for 72 AA Batteries ($18.99 value)
  • Coupon for Food Court Pizza ($9.99 value)
  • Coupon for Organic Tortilla Chips ($4.99 value)
  • Coupon for $25 off $250 or more at

That is pretty good and even if you don’t value the coupons highly, the $20 gift card essentially brings the cost of membership down to $35. Pretty good, but you can do better. How? Shopping portals of course!

Portal Options

If you have a Discover card earning double cashback, then the best portal option is Discover Deals. It is currently paying 10% which will be doubled at the end of your cashback year. The 20% overall discount will bring the price of your Costco membership down to $24 ($55-$20-$11). Discount: 56.36%

If you don’t have a Discover card, then Mr. Rebates is your best option at 10%. While Mr. Rebates is a smaller portal, I have used them often and have never had one issue. With Mr. Rebates the cost of membership is $29.50. Discount: 46.36%

Note: Top Cashback and BeFrugal are paying 15% back for new customers only.


  • Valid for new members only. Not valid for those with a current Costco membership or memberships that expired after October 1, 2015.
  • Limit 1 per customer, up to 3 additional as gifts.
  • Each membership includes a free Household card.

Current Household Card Holders?

If you currently hold a household card, but not a primary Costco card, I do believe you should be eligible for this promotion. You can of course check with Costco to be sure, but I believe based on the terms that only primary members aren’t eligible. This means for example if a husband and wife have a membership and the husband is the primary, then the wife should be able to get her own membership with this deal. Again, check with Costco and/or Living Social to confirm.


I really enjoy my Costco membership both at home and while traveling. (Especially in Hawaii.) They often have discounted activities and theme park tickets which I like, plus we do the occasional household shopping trip there as well. In my opinion this is a great deal and one that only comes along once or twice a year, so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

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  1. thx shawn. wonder if a household member will be considered as a new member if sign up? also, curious that current member would get a full refund if was renewed 2 months ago?

  2. in fact, called a local costco store a while back when this similar deal was offered, was told that a household / secondary member was not considered new. but, this was 2-3 yrs ago, not sure about now. anyone has tried or got a different answer?

  3. Thanks, Shawn, for another useful post, I was going to sign up for a Costco card later this month. Any idea how long this offer will last? I can’t find any info on that.

  4. also, don’t forget the discover cb of 10% as shawn earlier advised.

    above is a link for $10 off of Living Social for purchase of $20+. That will help reduce the costco deal to $45

  5. Costco Travel Department has the best prices on rental cars, cruises, insurance and probably other things too. Well worth joining if only for travel. Rental car customers get a free additional driver.

    • Yes Costco Travel is great and their rental car rates are often the best. The only limitation is they are U.S. only. BJ’s Travel is very good too and doesn’t require a membership!


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