Grocery Store Mastercard Deals: Save at Von’s/Albertson’s/Safeway & Publix!

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Grocery Store Mastercard Deals

Grocery Store Mastercard Deals

While we love us some Visa gift card deals here at Miles to Memories, it seems Mastercard has been making a big push the past couple of weeks with discounts. Right now several grocery stores have new Mastercard discounts. Let’s take a look.

Von’s/Safeway/Albertson’s Mastercard Deal

Grocery chains owned by Albertson’s that use the JustForU program have some new coupons for Mastercard gift cards.

The Offers

Here are the two coupons available to be used on Just4U accounts:

Grocery Store Mastercard Deals

  • Save $10 instantly on 2 X $50 Mastercard gift cards
  • Save $15 instantly on 2 X $100 Mastercard gift cards

Both offers are for one-time us per account and expire on 9/8/18.

Loading the Offers

These offers comes in the form of a digital coupon that needs to be loaded to your Just4U account. To load the offer:

  • Visit the website of your Just4U brand (ex.
  • Login to your Just4U account.
  • Click on Just4U on the top left
  • Navigate to the “Special Offers” category and you’ll see the coupons


Both of these deals provide a very small profit, however you’ll have to liquidate the gift cards somehow. Use a card that earns a grocery bonus if you must, however there are probably better deals that will come along.

Publix Mastercard Gift Card Deal

If you are in an area that Publix serves, then grab yourself one of their delicious subs and enjoy an even better Mastercard gift card deal.

The Deal

Grocery Store Mastercard Deals

  • Save $10 off when your purchase $100 or more of Mastercard gift cards.

How to Load

As with the Just4U deal above, you’ll have to have a Publix account to get this coupon. To load the coupon simply go to this link and login or sign-up for an account and then load the coupon.


Since this deal only requires that you purchase a single card, there is a bit more profit potential here. I would personally purchase a $200 Mastercard if possible with a $6.95 fee. That would allow me to earn a decent amount of credit card rewards plus a $3.05 profit on the purchase.


It seems the deal pendelum swings back and forth between Visa and Mastercard and right now it is stuck on the Mastercard side. Hopefully it will swing back to Visa soon, but in the mean time these could be some nice deals to help you earn rewards and juice up your spend just a little bit.



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