Hertz Launches a Monthly Subscription for $999

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Hertz My Car

Hertz Launches a Monthly Subscription for $999

Hertz announced this week a new vehicle subscription service called Hertz My Car. For a monthly fee, users will have access to select sedans, crossovers, SUVs and trucks. This is a pilot version that is being first launched in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and maybe to other cities soon.

Hertz My Car

The program comes with two tiers. For $999 per month, subscribers will be able to choose from full-size sedans, small SUVs and trucks. For $1,399 per month, tier two subscribers will have access to luxury sedans, regular SUVs and large trucks.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $250. The subscription comes with a 2,000-mile monthly allotment. After that, Hertz will charge $0.35 cents per mile. Subscribers can swap their vehicle twice a month within their own tier (Hertz will allow additional swaps for $75).

Both tiers include full vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, damage to the vehicle (though with a $1,000 deductible), and limited liability protection. Hertz My Car vehicles cannot be used for ride-sharing services.

You also earn Gold Plus Rewards points just as you would from a standard Hertz rental. Tier 1 members will earn 999 points per month, and Tier 2 members will earn 1,399 points per month. Five Star and President’s Circle members will earn 25% and 50% bonuses on top of their base points earned.


  1. Ron and Mike,

    I think it’s important to note maintenance and some insurance is included. These things can be considerable expenses.

  2. Hmmmm…for that amount ($1,399) I can lease a Mercedes S Class, and have about $400 left over each month. Unless I just do not understand this, or I’m missing something, one would be a fool (being polite) to be in this program.

  3. Am I missing something here?

    A pretty near fully-loaded Camry is about $32k. 3 years in this program would cost $35,964.

    A low end Cadillac CTS is about $50k. 3 years in this program would be $50,364.

    Is this just for people who are really bad at math?

  4. Too expensive.
    My car will be at the body shop for over a month so I am renting a regular SUV and I am paying less than $200 a week unlimited mileage including all taxes and fees.

  5. Wonder if Chase Ink & Sapphire CDW apply if you opt to rent year-round from Hertz instead of owning a vehicle.

    A couple years ago, we rented month-to-month from Hertz for about 6 months, at home, because we needed a 2nd vehicle but didn’t want to buy one. I was finding weekly rates around $150-$200 at the time, so it was cheaper than the $999/month.


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