Hey Mercedes Platinum Cardholders, Want That Amazon Amex Offer? I Got You! Details Inside

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Amazon Amex Offer

How to Get the Amazon Amex Offer on your Account

Shawn and I were able to get this trick to work on our new Mercedes Platinum American Express cards.  If you grabbed one before the card vanished forever then you should have recently gotten your wood phone holder with your new card inside.  And if you already set up your card online but didn’t see the Amazon Amex Offer there is still hope.

I activated my wife’s account about two weeks ago and did not get the offer originally but I was able to get it to show today and add it to her account.

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Amazon Amex Offer

Trick Revealed

The offer is a good one.  Get 2,000 Membership Rewards points after $50 in spend on Amazon.  That is like a 60% discount if you value MR points at 1.5 cents a piece.

I didn’t get this offer on any of my wife’s or my accounts when it came out.  But I was able to get it on my wife’s Mercedes Platinum account today by going here:


You need to go to the link above and then reconfirm your account and attach it to the same login it is already in.  You don’t need to de-link it first just go through it again like it is the first time. After you get through the paperless statements etc. (2nd page) and you get to the 3rd page some Amex Offers should pop up and the Amazon offer should be there to add.

Shawn figured this out when he tried to load it with the initial set up and it failed. So he went back and did it again to wipe out the error.  He told me to give it a try on my card and it worked as well.

I tried this on my personal Platinum and nothing came up but I haven’t tried others yet so it may work for other cards as well.  Let me know in the comments if you get it to show for a different card.


This is pretty awesome if you were unable to get the offer the first time around.  As soon as I am done writing this I will reloading my gift card balance for $50 and getting a quick 2,000 Membership Rewards points.

Let me know if you get it to work on your Mercedes account or any other cards!  Good luck!!!


  1. Wow …. thanks for the tip …. I opened my Mercedes AMEX about one month ago — and this appeared to work (I added it to my card). Keep up the great work!

  2. Mark – this worked for me. Thank you very much.

    I also sent this to a buddy of mine who also opened up this card right in the nick of time. I’ll let you know so you have another data point.

  3. Drats! This didn’t work for me, but I already had it on a couple of other cards, so I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t receive it on my new MB Plat.

    • Were you able to get the amex offers to show on the third screen? If yes it may be worth it to try again.

  4. Worked for me, thanks! I initially got a Boxed extra MR offer and selected that. Then ran through the steps again to get the Amazon to show up

    • I was hoping it would work on multiple cards but no go on my personal plat either….may try a few other ones just to see.

  5. It did not work for me 🙁 The 2nd page gave me some enroll in shop runner, the 3rd page only shows me set up online payments & download the AMEX phone app but nothing about adding any offers. The page after that is go to my online account which just transfers me to my main AMER account.

    I have the Mercedes platinum but I keep trying to grab the 80K 0r 100K regular platinum card offer before my Mercedes card is auto converted over to a regular platinum without a bonus.

    • That is what happened on my personal plat – may be worth a second try since someone got it the second time around below.

    • Were you able to get the amex offers to show on the third screen? If yes it may be worth it to try again.

  6. Awesome. I got the 2k Amex offer when I confirmed my card a few days ago. But, when I confirmed my husband’s card, no offer.
    Just did the trick you suggested and it worked! Another 2k for us!
    Signed up for 11:45pm last Sunday, on a whim. 15 minutes later all links disappeared.
    Already have the Amex Plat Business but 60K and bennies easily worth the $550AF. Will get good use of 2 x $200 travel, $100 mdse coupon, Uber credit, another card for Amex offers, will give away the Global Access credit. This is a 1 year and dump card.


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