Vegas or Mickey?!? 4 Night Hilton Vacation + 20K Points for $199, with Huge Catch!


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Vegas or Mickey?!? 4 Night Hilton Vacation + 20K Points for $199

Hilton sent out an email with an interesting offer to its Hilton Honors members. You can get a 4 night hotel stay in Orlando or Vegas and 20,000 bonus points for just $199. The catch? A mandatory sales presentation.

The Offer

Guests must book by May 31, 2019 to enjoy a 5-day, 4-night stay for $199 plus tax in Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada at a participating hotel within the Hilton portfolio of brands (valued at $175-$500/night). You have up to 12 months from purchase date to travel. Guests will receive 20,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points if package is purchased by May 31, 2019.

As part of your vacation package, you’ll attend a two-hour personal preview and sales presentation of Hilton Grand Vacations, where you’ll learn how you and your family can enjoy the many benefits and privileges of vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations.

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Obviously a great deal if you just look at the price and the 20,000 bonus points. But the Orlando or Las Vegas vacation come with that mandatory sales pitch that you have to sit through, for two hours. They can’t make you buy anything, but again not everyone can say “no” over and over, when they present you with what seems like a great deal.

Let us know if you’ve sat through timeshare presentations in the past. How did they go and what tips do you have for other readers?

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  1. IHG is offering something similar – same upfront price (however, it’s reimbursed afterwards), same sales pitch requirement, more destinations from which to choose, no points. I bit. I’m going to Arizona where I was already planning a visit. I sat through a time-share presentation once with my parents in Vegas. It wasn’t that bad. 🙂

  2. I received and was wondering if it was a good deal (aside from the pitch). I had been meaning to post in the FB group – thanks for beating me to it.

  3. We’ve done the Hilton timeshare presentation twice. They always ask in the beginning how much we spend a year on travel (i.e. Hotels) and we say zero. It kills their sales pitch. They want to show you how you will spend the same as you do now, but since we don’t spend anything, they have nowhere to go. We just politely listen and say no repeated. Also, we take our kids in with us. They are little and pretty terrible by the end. They are ready to have us out by the end.

  4. Does anyone know if I get to choose what property to go to? There is 1/2 dozen HVC’s in vegas, and some of the cheaper ones are almost as cheap as this is already.

  5. We’ve been timeshare owners with Hilton for about 8 years, and with another RCI-related hotel for almost 20 years. It’s very hard work to find good deals within those systems. The reality is that they overpromise and underdeliver, their products are overpriced, and in the end we believe it’s almost NEVER a good buy. We have only stayed and put the effort into making use of our points because once a year (sometimes once every two years) we do find a situation where a two-bedroom apartment with kitchenette is preferable to a hotel room. But we travel more than most families, and would not recommend a timeshare to anyone we know.


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