Hilton Honors Highest Points Bonus Promo Returns

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Hilton Points Purchase Promo

Hilton Points Purchase Promo: Earn A 100% Bonus

Hilton is offering members a chance to purchase points with an 80-100% bonus. From now until December 28, 2019 you can get up to 100% bonus when you buy at least 10,000 Hilton Honors points.

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This is a pretty decent promotion. If you want to max out the bonus offer, you can buy 160,000 points and you’ll end up with 320,000 points for $1,600. As long as you buy 10,000 Points you will receive up to double the points. The price per point works out to .5 cents.

Link to Promotion 

Hilton Points Purchase Promo

Final Thoughts

It can make sense to purchase points at these prices if you’re planning on using the points for a 5 night award stay since you get the 5th night free. Also remember that if you weren’t targeted for either of these offers but know someone who was, they can always buy the points through their account and transfer them to you. Additionally, you can pool points with up to 10 Hilton Honors members.

I have a stay upcoming this weekend for 20,000 Hilton Honors points and the cash rate is around $140. Taking advantage of this promo would save me $40 versus paying direct.

Remember that it is possible to get cash back on Points.com purchases if you go through a shopping portal first.


  1. How do you get cash back through points.com. When I click through from a portal it takes me to the main page but I’m needing to get to the Etihad guest main page for selling points.

    • It should just continue to track you as you navigate through the points.com site. I added the Rakuten button on my browser so it makes it easier to just activate the portal whenever I am on a site.


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