Hack to Avoid Fandango’s Booking Fee – Should Work for Sinemia Users Too

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How to Avoid Fandango's Booking Fee

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How to Avoid Fandango’s Booking Fee

Reader Aaron left a good tip on my Sinemia review on how to avoid Fandango’s booking fee.  He noticed that if you click through Facebook first before picking your movie the fee is waived. Doing this should net you a savings of $1.50 per ticket.  I believe this is a promo and I doubt it lasts very long so take advantage of it while you can.

I know that this fee has been an issue for some Sinemia users since they have been transitioning to all online bookings.  This has lead to subscribers feeling like they have been duped into paying an extra fee on top of their subscription.  This should help you avoid that added cost for the time being.

Details on How to Avoid Fandango’s Booking Fee

To get the discount do the following:

By doing this the booking fee should be waived when you go to pay for your movie.

How to Avoid Fandango's Booking Fee

You should also be able to stack this discount with your Sinemia membership.You will still be able to earn your normal Fandango VIP points as well.

With the slow death of Moviepass Sinemia will be the big kid on the block pretty soon.  This should help with one of the negatives of the Sinemia program for the time being, having to pay booking fees to set up your tickets online.


Whether you use this with a movie plan program or just for a regular night at the movies this tip on how to avoid Fandango’s booking fee should keep a few dollars in your pocket.  That should get you at least a handful of overpriced popcorn.  Let me know in the comments if you are able to get this trick to work.


  1. I clicked on the link to take me to the fb page where you can choose a movie, but couldn’t figure out what the name of the pageis so that I can get to it outside of having to go through your instructions. From within fb, can you tell me what to search for so I can find the page?


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