Guide: How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles Online & Save HUGE!


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How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles Online

One of the less heralded miles out there are Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.  Most people overlook them because flights on Virgin Atlantic come with hefty award taxes and fees.  But one of their sweet spots that has value lies with their partner, Delta.  It used to be a pain to book Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic miles because you had to do it over the phone.  Not anymore, you can now book them online. I decided to do a quick guide on how to book Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic miles so you can take advantage of it as well.  I will also show you how valuable doing it can be (hint: up to half off Delta prices with stacking).

Virgin Atlantic has a very promiscuous airline program that allows transfers from all 4 major transferable points program (for a few more days with SPG at least).

The Steps

You can search for award flights even without a Virgin Atlantic account but you will need one to book the flights. Once you have that follow these steps to book Delta flights online:

Step 1

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

  • Go to Virgin Atlantic’s website and click book at the very top of the website (highlighted above with First).
  • A drop down menu will appear – select book a flight (highlighted with Second).
Step 2

After that you will be taken to the search for flights menu

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles


The Virgin Atlantic portal is a little buggy and you can only type in the airport code for either flying from or flying to.  For some reason once one airport code is entered the second search is very limited.  That means you have to click the pin button on the right side of the airport input box. Once you select the pin follow these steps:

  • Select the country or state the airport is in.
  • Then select the city the airport you want is located in.
  • Example: Michigan, and then Detroit

For the search above the best route would be:

  • Enter AMS for Amsterdam for the Fly To section
  • Use the pin to navigate to Michigan and then Detroit

It is going to be easier to locate US cities most of the time since US states populate first.  Input the foreign country’s airport code first to make it a little easier.

Step 3

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

Once you have your airport codes selected move down the page to the dates portion.  Select pay with miles first before selecting dates.  Sometimes it gets grayed out as an option when scrolling through dates. That is another little glitch of the site.  I always select Pay With Miles and then Within 5 Weeks before selecting my dates.

Virgin Atlantic’s award availability for Delta flights is based on Delta saver space so 5 week searches gives you more options.

Once your dates are picked select search.

Step 4

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

The next page will be the 5 week calendar with your options.  The prices listed are the roundtrip price, unless you searched for a one way ticket.  You can change the cabin preference, highlighted above, and search for direct flights only as well.  Make any changes you need to make.

Then scroll through the calendar until you find the options you want.  I changed my search to Upper Class (Delta One) and direct flights only.

Final Cost

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

This is what the search came up with and the total cost.  To fly direct from Detroit to Amsterdam in Delta One it would cost me 100,000 Virgin Atlantic miles and $49.21.  That is some amazing value.

The program is less valuable when connections are added since each segment is priced out differently.  So for LAX-SLC-AMS you would get billed for the LAX-SLC leg and the SLC-AMS leg.  This can still show a savings over booking with Delta but it won’t be as beneficial as direct flights are.

Let’s take a look at if I wanted to book the same flight with Delta Skymiles

How To Book Delta Flights With Virgin Atlantic Miles

Delta wants 164,000 miles and $49.21 for the same flights.  That is a savings of 64,000 miles which is like saving 64,000 Membership Rewards points etc.

But wait, it gets even better!  American Express and Citi often have transfer bonuses to Virgin Atlantic.  Amex currently has one that is for 30% more in points.  So this flight would only cost 77,000 Membership Rewards miles with the bonus.  A savings of 87,000 miles vs Delta’s price (a 53% discount)!  Since Virgin Atlantic is not a US based airline you don’t need to pay the fee that you do when transferring MR points to Delta either.

I have used this domestically as well and have booked first class flights for 22,500 Virgin Atlantic miles when Delta wanted 40,000 for the same flight.


Using Virgin Atlantic miles on Delta flights can offer amazing value.  The downside is it does rely on Delta having saver space, which is unpredictable with Delta.  Having said that being able to book Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic miles online makes the process a million times better than it used to be.  Even if the site still has a few bugs.

Hopefully this helps you on your next trip and saves you some valuable transferable currencies!

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  1. Another thing you might be interested in is that DL flights are priced out based on flight numbers. If, for example, you are booking HND-LAX-SLC on the “direct” flight DL6, the VS system would price it at 60k miles for a J redemption. However, if you were to select the option of a different flight number for LAX-SLC, you would end up being billed 82.5k as if it were 2 separate awards.

  2. Is 82k each way the “saver” rate for a Delta flight with Delta miles these days? (I know there is no “chart”.) It seems high to me. It is also interesting that even though Delta appears to be charging more than their lowest possible number of miles the space is still available to Virgin.

      • Sorry, are connecting flights included for the same price? For example, is MEM-ATL-CDG-BUD the same price as ATL-CDG?

        • No flights with connections are usually a little more. Example on one day I searched LAX to AMS is 72,500 in economy (sometimes 60K too). On this day a flight with a connection is 85,000 with a direct on the return. So it looks like connections are tacked on as a separate charge (12,500 for the LAX to SLC stop). So a similar set up as BA but not distance based like theirs is.

  3. Delta has lost their mind. A simple r/t in D1 TATL is now 164K Skymiles. Virgin is 100K on either their metal or Delta’s. Nice 64% difference. Maintaining loyalty to Delta is becoming difficult.

  4. Useful thanks! Unfortunately I can never find a route to Western cities (California, Utah, Nevada) from Europe (Paris, Amsterdam) that doesn’t have the pay-with-miles option greyed out. Any advice? Which transatlantic routes work and which don’t?

    • You have to manually enter the second airport via the pin – you can’t type it in. That is what causes it to gray out – website glitch.

    • You could try calling in to the call center and see if they are able to pull it up. I am not sure why some airports that should come up do not.


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