(Dead) Get Your Chase Credit Card Number Before It Arrives in the Mail

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how to get chase card number

Get Your Chase Credit Card Number Before It Arrives in the Mail

Chase is one of the issuers that do not give you the credit card number as soon as you are approved. That’s frustrating when you have big spending coming up, but you don’t have the card yet. You see the card in your account, but there’s no way to use it.

Luckily there’s an easy trick that will get you our full Chase credit card number. You also need to guess your expiration date, but it is not as hard as it sounds. But a quick trip could get you your full credit card number and let you make some purchases online or over the phone without having your physical card yet. Just keep in mind that this method does not get you the CVV number, so you will not be able to use it for everything.

Update: It appears this no longer works

How to Get Your Chase Card Number

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in and find the Secure Message option in your Chase account
  • Send a secure message selecting the Card that you need the number for (select it from the list showing last 4)
  • Enter a message and send (I selected other, and asked if they know when my card will arrive)
  • Go into your Chase app (not website) and look in Secure Messages in the sent folder
  • Open the message that you just sent, and in there it will show the full account number.

Now the next step is to figure out the expiration date. You just need to add 4 or 5 years to the approval date, and you have your expiration date. So if you get approved today on 11/5/2019, your expiration date will most likely be 11/5/2023 or 11/5/2024.


If you have big spending that you need to do right away, this method will come in handy. You might be able to do some purchases online and over the phone, if the system doesn’t require a CVV number.

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  1. I just tried it on 11/24/2019 and it does not show the full account number. It only shows the last four of the account number, like this: “************1234”


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