BREAKING: 90K Iberia Avios ARE NOW Posting, But It’s Not All Great News!


Iberia Avios Posting

Earlier today I wrote about some of the breaking developments with the overly generous Iberia Avios promotion. Thankfully, it seems like the company is now starting to resolve those. After reading a comment on my earlier post saying that Avios were posting, I checked my wife’s account and found…..

Iberia Avios Posting

Iberia Avios Posting

Her Avios are there looking all pretty. But it’s not all good news.

Locked Account Still Locked

As I mentioned earlier, some people’s accounts (especially new accounts) have been locked and cannot be logged into. My account is one of those despite it not being new. Unfortunately despite my wife having received her Avios, my account remains locked down. I am hoping they will reach out for whatever verification they need in order to give me and others our Avios.

Iberia Avios Posting
The error message I get when trying to log into my account.


It is nice to see Iberia beginning to move on this and post Avios to some accounts. I’m sure it will take time, but hopefully in the end we’ll all have exactly what we are expecting.

Did you Iberia Avios post to your account? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mine posted, but not my wife’s. Already booked my Bus. Class flight next year. Strange is that it is 34K avios going over, but the date I want to come back is 50K avios.

  2. Iberia is the worst website.
    It’s habit of locking you out of your account after every couple uses is ridiculous. Happened to me a dozen times in a year.
    Not user friendly booking award flights either.

  3. I’m locked down too — same message as you’re getting. I only purchased one flight — geeez.

    Curious they don’t give us an option to reset our password. Have you or anyone tried to call in when you get this nonsense about using the wrong password?

    • further data point: My Iberia account has been open for two+ years…. I was able to change my pin though…. seems I’m not locked out anymore. Promo miles have not as yet posted.

  4. Newly created account still locked. I sent in the verification form and a copy of my passport, and received an auto-reply stating they’d received my email. So far, so good….


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