How I Saved EVEN MORE $$$ With This Weekend’s CRAZY Iberia Avios Promotion!

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Iberia Avios Promotion Cashback Portal

Iberia Avios Promotion Cashback Portal

Yesterday Danny covered Iberia’s amazing Avios bonus promotion. I had actually heard about it discretely from a friend on Thursday evening, but figured there would be no way the airline would honor it. At that time flights were as low as $18, but I hesitated and focused on other things.

Then, yesterday the airline actually confirmed the promotion will work as planned. As a reminder here is how it works:

  • Book a flight on using your Iberia Plus number and you will receive 9,000 Avios
  • These Avios expire on December 1, 2018 but can be used for travel beyond that date
  • You can book up to 10 flights per Iberia account for a total of 90,000 Avios
  • You don’t have to actually fly on the ticket to get the bonus Avios

You can find the promo and terms linked directly from their homepage.

Getting the Best Deal

Update: It looks like Mr. Rebates has removed Iberia from their list of partners. The Iberia website has also been having issues on and off all morning. You may be able to reach Iberia by searching first on Google Flights and then clicking through.

Obviously the best way to get these Avios at the lowest possible price is to book a cheap one-way. Yesterday I was able to find some routes as low as $28 USD each-way. It wasn’t as good as the $18 per way from the night before, but I was able to make it a bit better anyway.

Enter Mr. Rebates. Cashback portal Mr. Rebates is offering $3 per order on Iberia. To maximize this, I placed 20 separate bookings (10 for my wife and 10 for me) by clicking through the portal each time. This morning I received 20 confirmation emails showing $3 pending cashback for each order.

Iberia Avios Promotion Cashback Portal

While the available fares are only going to go up as this promotion heads towards its expiration tomorrow, you still should be able to get a bit more back via Mr. Rebates.  


I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to get excited about this deal, but 90,000 Avios for $250 after cashback is about as amazing a deal as you will find. I’m a little mad I didn’t book when flights were cheaper, but oh well. If you are thinking about doing this deal then I recommend jumping on it sooner rather than later since cheap fares are surely disappearing as we speak. 


  1. After booking each flight separately with my IBregistration number on the “offer” page of Iberia, I don’t see any indication
    In my booking confirmation that (even down the road the ten days) I will get 9000 Avios points? Anybody else have any notification?or do I just have to wait and in 10 days it will pop up in my Avios account!?

  2. Also, this brought back memories of the IHG thing a couple years ago. You just sat around to fill out cards to get a passle of points. This was easier and worth more money down the road.

  3. Well, I am now about $800 shorter than I was about 3 hours ago. Finally got into the Iberia site for myself and the wife, and the best fares were $40 one way. Loaded up the Reserve card. My hope is to parlay these into some nice business class seats August 2019 going to Barcelona. Actually, will be going to Barcelona, and it may be better to pay cash for those then.

  4. Got logged in through Mr. Rebates once and booked one ticket. Logged out and never could log in again. Now Mr. Rebates says no more $3 credits for Iberia.

    Will try again later tonight with maybe higher hopes.

  5. I understand from Iberia that “if the customer buys the ticket and doesn’t fly, he will be able to keep those promotional Avios.” But does “he” have to at least check-in for the purchased flight?

  6. I just don’t understand how revenue mamagement is gping to deal with this. Are they gonna have entire planes sold and no passengers?


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