A Positive Development with iConsumer: Are Checks Actually Being Mailed Out?!?

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iConsumer Cashback Checks

iConsumer Cashback Checks

Earlier this year iConsumer (referral) stormed onto the portal scene with a very good cashback rate at eBay. While eBay cashback was capped, I know many of you used iConsumer given they were fairly aggressive with their rates across other stores as well.

Unfortunately iConsumer hasn’t been the easiest portal to get your money out of. Up until recently their policy was vague, but now it has been clarified:

We’re going to send you your money based on the following schedule:

No sooner than 90 days after your transaction has been reported to us, and after we owe you at least $25 you will go into the next check run.

If we don’t yet owe you $25 (based on same 90 days above), your money doesn’t go away, we’ll wait until we do owe you at least $25.

As of August 1, 2015, we are sending your Cash Back via check. We are working on implementing Paypal and ACH.

Well many of us began using iConsumer around January. This means that we have a 90 day wait until April for our money to be paid out. It also means that checks should be going out now and indeed it seems they are. Earlier I received the following email from iConsumer:

Hi Shawn,

We’ve sent you a check covering your cash back and bonuses through January 31, 2016.

It was sent on Monday from Rome, NY.

FYI – we’re still working on getting PayPal or ACH implemented, but we didn’t want to wait for that.

The Waiting Game

I barely earned over $25 in cashback in January and earned much more in February, so I’ll have to wait another month until I get the bigger chunk of money. Still, this seems like positive news and while I have yet to receive my check (iConsumer please get ACH and/or PayPal soon), I thought I would post about this so you can share when you get yours.

Have you received a payout from iConsumer and was it all of the money you were expecting based on the rules? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I just went to use them for a eBay purchase and noticed gift cards are excluded from cashback – not eBay GC, says “gift cards”. Even separately says “giftcardmall” is excluded. This must be new? Have never seen any portal exclude GC from eBay.

    • @Audrey –

      Actually their terms state “eBay branded Gift Cards” and the wording regarding gift cards, here:

      “CashBack is typically NOT available on the purchase of Gift Cards. Please review the Gift Cards category for a list of merchants that offer this benefit and confirm with individual brands’ Known Exceptions for additional details.”

      Is just a generic disclaimer they put on many “Known Exceptions” But other gift cards do work on EBay. You just cannot have one that is an actual EBay (branded) Gift Card; those are excluded. But say you bought a $100 BestCoffeeHouseEVER (fictional) gift card on EBay, you would earn the (currently) 1.3% cashback from iConsumer.

      Hope that helps.

  2. @Shawn-

    Actually, iConsumer now has a PUBLISHED payment schedule found directly in their Terms & Conditions

    I won’t link that directly, as that would defeat your referral link…but once people go there (through your link, hopefully) then they can sign up and review that payment schedule.


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