iConsumer Stock Statements Coming: Are They Worth Anything?


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iConsumer Shares Issued & Statements Coming

iConsumer launched over a year ago as a portal with a promise. Not only would you earn cashback for shopping through them, but you would also earn shares of stock! They even give you 100 shares for signing up. Back in January they sent out emails informing “shareholders” that the stock had been issued. At that time they said to wait for an email from Issuer Direct with more information.

Today that email came. Unfortunately it is quite strange and almost seems like spam. The subject of the email I received is: “Share Statement for (SHAWN COOMER)” and there is no text in the body. The email does have a PDF file as an attachment. Thankfully PDF files can be opened in the cloud, so I was able to see what was inside. It was my shares!


Towards the bottom of that PDF file there was also a link to login to my Issuer Direct account along with the PIN. Using that information I was able to gain access to my online account.


What Are These Shares Worth?

To be honest, I would assign the value of these shares at $0 for now. Hopefully at some point they will have a value, but I don’t believe iConsumer is being traded as of yet and have not been able to find out what the anticipated value will be if they do get their stock on the market. Since there is seemingly no way to trade this stock, as of now there is no value. (Has anyone heard differently).


If you receive a strange email from Issuer Direct the chances are that it is probably legitimate and you have shares of iConsumer. With that said, does it really matter at this point?

Did you receive your shares and/or have you heard anything more about this?

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  1. If you login to you iConsumer account, click on “Shared” in the top middle, then click “Transferred Shares” at the bottom, I see:

    Transfer Date: 12/22/16
    Number of Shares: 252.78
    Cash Basis: $11.37

    Math says… $0.45/share?

  2. $0.045 per share was iConsumers initial public offer anticipated price. iConsumer has now raise it to $0.090.

    • Hmm, I have a hard time believing they have been giving out thousands of dollars worth of stock. I’m sure lots of us have tens of thousands of shares. Still I’ll be cautiously optimistic

  3. This is sock drawer investing. Put it in your (metaphorical) sock drawer and forget about it. One day you will hear on the news either that the company went public or bankrupt. That will be the time to do something, not now!

  4. Shawn, I’m going to sign up for iConsumer and want you to get the referral credit. What is your email address?


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