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iConsumer Stock Shares Issued

iConsumer Stock Shares Issued

iConsumer has always been a bit of a different portal. Since their launch a couple of years ago, they have issued “shares” of stock in addition to cashback. I have always treated that stock as something that I plan never to receive and thus have always simply looked at their cashback rates. Most of the time they aren’t the best, however if they are I purchase through them.

Since iConsumer’s launch, I have thus accumulated some “shares” of the company. Apparently those previously non-existent shares may actually turn into something. Yesterday the company sent me and other “shareholders” the following message:

Your shares of iConsumer stock have been issued, and the record keeping for those shares has been transferred to IssuerDirect, our transfer agent.

For the moment, there isn’t anything you should do.

The first week of February you should receive an email directly from IssuerDirect. It will look a lot like a bank statement. It’ll list your iConsumer shareholdings, your IssuerDirect Account Number, and your PIN. Examine that statement and if something is off, please contact us for help. Normally, you’d contact them directly, but we’d like to know about any issues that you see.

Once iConsumer has a ticker symbol, and is actively traded on a market (we’re shooting for the OTC QB), then there may be things you’ll want to do. We hope to get those steps (and the other behind the scenes stuff that makes trading easier) done in the first quarter of 2017.

Apparently now these are official shares in the company, however at the moment nothing can be done with them and their value is unknown. If their market launch is successful then these shares may have value, but I guess we will wait to see how that goes.

For now I still won’t count on these shares turning into any actual money for me, but I’ll take them and keep a close eye. Who knows, maybe Ebates will buy iConsumer for a lot of money and I’ll make a few bucks! 🙂 If you want to sign-up for iConsumer, then you can get 100 shares just for joining.

Do you like iConsumer? Does this change your shopping portal strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. How many shares does the company plan to issue for the initial trading? When it is do we have them able to transfer to an account such as td ameritrade?


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