IHG Announces The Big Win for 2014 & My Analysis!



IHG just announced that The Big Win is returning in 2014!  I will have a post coming up next week about this year’s Big Win promotion and how I was able to complete all of the tasks.  With my specific offer, I was able to earn a significant amount of points for very little spend.  If you are new to The Big Win, essentially it is a promotion where you are given certain tasks to complete.  By completing each task, you are awarded a certain number of points.  If you complete all of the tasks, then you get the Big Win!

The 2014 promotion works much like the one in 2013.  Based on anecdotal evidence, people are finding their overall offers to be much lower than the previous version with more difficult tasks.  With that said, my offer was only slightly worse than the 2013 offer and Jasmine’s actually was better.  Let me break down my offer and then Jasmine’s!

My offer is only for 65,700 points.
My offer is only for 65,700 points.

Shawn’s Offer:

  • Stay a total of 5 nights – 8,400 points
  • Stay at 2 IHG brands – 9,600 points
  • Book 2 stays at the IHG website or mobile app – 1,900 points
  • Stay 2 Saturday nights – 4,800 points
  • Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels – 8,000 points
  • Complete all tasks – 33,000 points

TOTAL POINTS: 65,700 (My 2013 offer involved 4 nights and awarded 79,500 points.)

Jasmine’s Offer:

  • Stay a total of 4 nights – 8,000 points
  • Stay at 2 different brands – 16,000 points
  • Stay 2 Saturday nights – 8,000 points
  • Book 2 stays through the IHG app – 8,000 points
  • Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels – 8,000 points
  • Complete all tasks – 48,000 points

TOTAL POINTS: 96,000 (Her 2013 offer involved 4 nights, required stays in 2 specified cities and awarded 99,000 points.)

Jasmine gets 96,000 points if she completes her offer!


It seems that Jasmine definitely got a better offer.  Her offer only requires 4 nights instead of 5 and awards over 30,000 additional points.  I wonder what information they use to determine the offers.  Perhaps since I am going to complete The Big Win in 2013, they gave me a lower offer.  Either way, I am pretty sure the math will add up for us to complete Jasmine’s version of the offer, but not mine.

Also as a reminder, this promotion is stackable with all other IHG promotions.  I usually pay a visit to this Flyertalk thread for a list of current codes and add them to my account before a stay.  Factoring in other promotions, these four nights should net Jasmine close to 140,000 points!  Since we value each point at around .5 cents, that means she will get about $700 worth of points for stays that we should be able to complete for less than $300!  To register for the promotion click here.

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