IHG is Changing Into the Nights Offers – It is Not a Glitch – Here Is Their Response


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IHG Into the nights changes

IHG Into the Nights Changes

This morning when I woke up, I noticed some chatter on Twitter that some people have had their IHG Into the Nights offers changed. If you are unaware, Into the Nights is a promo offering varying levels of points/free nights for completing a number of objectives such as staying a certain amount of nights or booking through their app. Points with a Crew has covered the promotion in depth.

IHG Into the Nights changes
Before it only required I book one stay.

After reading the reports, I logged into my IHG account and did indeed find that they had upped the amount of stays I needed to book through the app from 1 to 7. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot after registering for the offer, however I do have an email that they sent to me a couple of weeks after the promotion began.

IHG Into the nights changes.
Now I have to book 7 stays through the app.

IHG’s Response to Into the Nights Changes

This morning after seeing this discrepancy, I reached out to IHG via Twitter and email. I just received a response a few minutes ago. Here is a quote with the full screenshot of the email:

“Initially you were not given the correct set of offers. Upon IHG Rewards Club Service Center realizing this error, the correct set of offers were assigned.  The offers you now have are the correct set that have been personalized for you.” Here is a screenshot of the entire email.

into the nights changes

Update: They have placed a statement on Flyertalk. Here it is:

We have been advised of the following:
· All affected IHG Rewards Club members who we know have made progress towards the offer, but then received a revised hurdle offer, will have their offer marked as “completed.”

· IHG Rewards Club will be sending a direct email communication to those members who have made progress toward their offer. We will be letting them know we will be honoring the original offer and marking their progress as complete.

· IHG will be honoring their original offer and IHG Rewards Club Members will see their offer as complete if they made progress toward it. If the members have yet to stay toward their offer, but have already registered, it will transition back to a hurdle of one stay to complete.

· IHG will not be changing any point values, so the members will receive the original amount of points that the offer showcased.

· IHG Rewards Club Members who have yet to register or to see their offers will receive the variable stay amounts. To those who may inquire why they have a variable amount, we are honoring the original offers that members saw when they received their offers. All members who are newly registering are receiving the correct variable amounts.

So it seems that they had a bit of a change of heart.


If you noticed that your promotion changed, know that based on their response, it seems that the changes were deliberate and not a glitch or mistake. Their Flyertalk statement seems quite a bit different than what I was told, but at least they will honor the original offers.

It still seems that they thought they could get away with changing the offer and that is a little troubling.

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  1. Unless I’m missing something, they actually increased the offer for everybody who had stayed at least one night but had not already completed the total nights. The way I read it, those who first received stricter conditions now “will have their offer marked as completed”.

    • Yes they did, but they only backtracked after receiving negative coverage for making the changes without telling anyone. Also, others who haven’t started the promotion may still receive a lower offer which is still not honest.

      While the Flyertalk response did come, I also received the email as posted stating that they did change my offer and would stick with the changes. This seriously makes me doubt the honesty of the company.

      With that said, you are correct that in essence those who already started working towards their offers may actually see it improve if their goal is marked as completed. That really isn’t the point though.

  2. Good response by them in the end, although it’s quite clear that originally this wasn’t their plan of attack at all. It’s a shame it took negative press and legal threats to get them to do the right thing.

    I’ve got no time for companies that try to do a bait and switch on consumers.

    • Agreed. It really was low what they tried to do. I knew they would have to back down, but their email to me proves at some point someone thought it was ok to stand by their initial decision.


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