Great Deal! IHG Sale – Super Expensive Vegas Properties 50% Off

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Tweet about IHG Sale at Venetian & Palazzo
IHG Sale at Venetian & Palazzo.

IHG Sale at Venetian & Palazzo

I saw this tweet from IHG Rewards yesterday before heading out and didn’t have time to investigate it further until today. IHG Rewards has announced that they will be holding a sale offering 50% off of points booking at the Venetian & Palazzo properties in Las Vegas.

Normally these two properties cost 50,000 points per night, so this is a really great deal. As a Vegas local I follow hotel prices pretty closely and these two hotels generally never go any cheaper than $250 per night including taxes and resort fee. This means that this sale will give you a redemption value of at least $.01 per point which is pretty good for IHG.

Tweet about IHG Sale at Venetian & Palazzo
Tweet about IHG Sale at Venetian & Palazzo

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a promotion page for this sale. As you can see from the tweet, the sale will start at Noon EDT on October 30 and last for 24 hours. These are great hotels and I actually believe this is a great deal.


  1. Does this include taxes and do we still have to pay resort fees? The days for which I booked the Palazzo, rooms are going for $270 (without tax).

    • They do still charge the resort fee as far I have been told. Sometimes you can get it waived, but that is becoming more rare in Las Vegas. There will not be any taxes, so your point should include everything but the resort fee.

  2. Hi Shawn – I’ll defer to your local expertise. But I think that (at least historically – don’t know if it’s changed recently) you can often get Venetian in the $120-$170 range via Hotwire or Priceline. You just have to be careful to not get the Trump (often even cheaper – but no casino and I don’t think as nice). I use biddingfortravel and betterbidding as a resource for helping to figure out which hotel I’m getting via Hotwire or Priceline.

    • You can sometimes find it that low. With resort and other fees though it is usually more than $200. The real deal here is if there is award space for weekend stays which often cost more than $400 per night.


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