New & Improved Delta Upgrade System For Elites

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Improved Delta Upgrade System

New & Improved Delta Upgrade System For Elites

Good news Delta flyers, there will be a new & improved Delta upgrade system for elites going forward.  No more giving up a exit row window seat for a middle economy comfort seat if you don’t want to.  I think this system benefits the Silver Elites the most.

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What Has Changed?

The improved Delta upgrade system does not change the window of when elites gain access to Comfort+ upgrades. That is the same and as follows:

  • Silver – 24 hours before departure
  • Gold – 72 hours before departure
  • Platinum & Diamond – shortly after ticketing

In the past Delta would move their lower end elites into Comfort+ when the opportunity arose even if the selection was worse. People would lose exit row window seats for middle Comfort+ etc.  It could be a gamble to try to get an upgrade but not any longer.

Delta will now allow you to specify what is an acceptable upgrade.  If the available seat doesn’t match the criteria then you will stay where you are at.  This is good news for Silver elites and Gold elites on popular routes.

Here is what it will look like in the app

Improved Delta Upgrade System

And here is how you do it

Improved Delta Upgrade System

Final Thoughts

Not a major change but one that will make life better for lower end Delta Elites.  These little changes are the type of thing that will keep people coming back.  It makes the process easier and more rewarding.  You should no longer have to worry about being upgraded into a worse seat going forward. This improved Delta upgrade system is a small win in my book but a win nonetheless.

Does this change make you value lower end Delta status more or did you never have an issue with the old upgrade system?

Hat Tip: Reader Ryan J


  1. Gold here – On I went to my reservation for 1/7/20 where I already have the first class upgrade box checked. When I then checked the Comfort+ upgrade box it did not give me the option for aisle/middle/window, so I unchecked it. what’s up?

    • Did you try it online or on the app? I think it is intended for the app but if you tried there I am not sure why it wouldn’t come up. I don’t have Delta status to try it myself – sorry.


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