In-N-Out Vegas Strip Review: 1st Impressions, Secret Menu & Is It Good?


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in-n-out vegas strip review

In -N-Out Burger Comes to the Vegas Strip at LINQ Promenade

After being announced early last year, the first In-N-Out Burger on the Las Vegas strip opened earlier this month in the LINQ Promenade entertainment area. While adding a 13th Las Vegas location wouldn’t typically be notable, for many Vegas tourists it will remove the need to venture off-strip. Potentially bad news for car rental and ride-sharing companies!

Location and Observations

in-n-out vegas strip review

I was in-town this past weekend to hang out with some friends and watch the conference championship football games. (Sorry, Shawn. But glad you had a good trip.) It was my first time to the LINQ Promenade and I was pretty impressed. As a friend commented, it had a pretty good Downtown Disney sort of feeling to it. The LINQ Promenade is located directly between the LINQ hotel (formerly the Imperial Palace for you old-timers) and the Flamingo, and the In-N-Out Burger is about half way back (between the strip and the High Roller).

in-n-out vegas strip review

We were expecting huge lines at the new location, but were pleasantly surprised to find the ordering line to be only a few customers deep on both Saturday night and Monday afternoon. The restaurant was well-staffed at the front counter and throughout, and the service was as good as usual, if not better, in our experience. For example, both days we experienced employees walking through the seating area and proactively asking for our order ticket to go get our food for us. Maybe this happens elsewhere, but nobody in our party had experienced it at other In-N-Out locations.

in-n-out vegas strip review

The seating area is not particularly big. Probably similar in size to other locations, but a notably different layout than the standard. There is also outdoor seating, but it wasn’t being used much with temperatures in the 40’s this weekend. Although they did have a security guard whose primary duty appeared to be chasing off pigeons. There is also a small “company store” merchandise stand located just outside the main doors to the restaurant. (Note to In-N-Out: you’re missing a big opportunity to not have a special edition Las Vegas strip edition of your t-shirt! Feel free to send me royalties when you do!)

in-n-out vegas strip review

The Food!

Of course, if I’m writing this (and you’re reading it), it’s probably safe to assume that I’m a fan. And like any out-of-region In-N-Out fanboy, I had to tweet a photo of my food to make friends and family back home jealous! And, as usual, the quality did not disappoint. On Monday, I went beyond even the not-so-secret menu (just search for “In-N-Out secret menu” if you want to see all the crazy options out there – although I don’t recommend the 100×100 burger!) for some animal style fries, a neapolitan milkshake, and an animal-style/protein-style double-double burger (because, you know, I had to save on carbs after the fries!). But the quality was good, as always, with the never-frozen beef and fresh-cut fries. I’m not crazy enough to tell you that the burger will change your life, but there’s a reason why this chain has been successful for so many years.

in-n-out vegas strip review


All of you combination fans of In-N-Out Burger and Vegas rejoice! Never has it been so easy to get your combination of cult-following burgers and whatever it is you do in Vegas. Have you been to the new location yet? Or what are you planning to order when you do? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Not a huge Vegas fan but I love In N Out. When I really want to get my grub on its 4×4 time, animal style! Now you have me craving a burger…

    • I’ve been known to enjoy a 4×4 animal style (and protein style, of course – to keep the calories down! haha), but I usually cap out at 3×3 … and haven’t ventured above/beyond a 4×4 (yet!). I’m back home in PDX now … and going through I-n-O withdrawals. They’ve moved into southern OR, but I’m hoping they don’t make it up to PDX. I like it to be a special treat on my trips south.

  2. Missed going there in December. Promised myself next visit wouldn’t be another miss. Here i am back already but decided i need to lose a few lbs. Do they have a low cal version?

  3. good to know; was in town last month but didn’t know; will grab a bite on next visit; curious if prices r similar to the one off strip or higher b/c of its location?

  4. Shake Shack in NYC ripped off in-n-out burger.
    And the White Castle on the strip is way more expensive than in the east coast. So I would imagine that the prices would be higher at this location too.

  5. I’m happy to see that while the pricing is higher, it’s not crazy inflated like a lot of other restaurants in this area. In-N-Out on the strip is a welcome sight!


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