Earn Tons of $$$ with Investment Apps Referrals and Signup Bonuses


Investment Apps bonuses

Earn Tons of $$$ with Investment Apps Referrals and Signup Bonuses

Investment apps are popping up all the time. One of the best ways to grow is by offering signup and referral bonuses. Besides a small bonus for each referral, they also often offer huge bonuses when you complete a certain number of referrals within a period of time. We’ve seen bonuses as high as $1,000 for referring ten friend to Acorns for example. let’s take a look at all the apps or services that offer these huge bonuses.


  • Get $5 bonus when you sign up.
  • Invite 5 friends to Acorns in October, and split $100,000 with everyone else who does. Friends must start investing this month. You’ll also earn the regular $5 referral reward.
  • Through Sunday, 10/21/2018, we’re thanking those who have shared Acorns with a bonus $500 investment when you invite 5 new friends! That’s on top of our October Referral Reward — $100,000 to share among anyone who invites 5 friends this month.

Sign-up for Acorns here


  • If you invite three people this month, you can get a $500 bonus. If 3 (or more) friends sign up and make a minimum deposit of $250 by Oct. 31, they’ll invest $500 into your account. (HT: Danny the Deal Guru)

Sign up for WealthSimple here.

Personal Capital

  • Personal Capital is offering a referral bonus of a $100 for both parties when you use a referral link and link a qualified investment account. Not everyone will be able to generate a $100 referral. Offer valid only for new customers who link a qualified investment account with $1K+ balance within 30 days (taxable brokerage, 401k, IRA, 529, etc). (HT: Doctor of Credit)

Sign up for Personal Capital here.


  • Signup for Swell Investing, invest $50, and get a $50 bonus added to your account. Once signed up, you’ll be able to refer friends and get $300 when referring 3 friends. (HT: Doctor of Credit)


Research each app and see if it makes sense. Most of the offers don;t require any investing. I’ve had Acorns, Personal Capital and WealthSimple accounts for a while myself, but haven’t really used them much.

Let us know if you’ve used these apps in the past and what’s your experience so far. Also let us know of any other similar apps or services that offer bonuses. Also share links if you have the best bonuses available for these apps.

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