iPads Sale on Amazon – Stack With MR Promo to get them for $199

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iPads Sale on Amazon – Stack With MR Promo to get them for $199

Amazon has a few different iPads on sale that range from $249.99 to $629.99.  But if you still have the unused Amazon Membership Rewards promo you can get another $50 off those prices by using 1 MR point.  If you weren’t targeted for the promo you may wanna try again since more people have been targeted.  If that doesn’t work then try this trick!


Here are the iPads currently on sale:

If you are able to stack these with the Membership Rewards promo that will knock another $50 off the purchases price.  If that doesn’t work try one of these promos to get the discount.

Final Thoughts

This is a great deal, especially with stacking, if you were in need of a new iPad.  There is a possible resale angle, especially if you stack it with discounted Amazon gift cards from Amex Offers etc. then you could be looking at a $150 out of pocket cost 😲.

Hat Tip: DoC


  1. While these are a very good deal I’d suggest paying a bit extra for the 128gb versions (option on same links) if you can afford it. Apple should be ashamed to sell iPads with such low storage. Just my opinion.

    • That is a good point – if you are going to use it heavily then extra storage is good. If it is simply for travel and watching movies etc. then the lower version would probably do the trick.


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