Another One Bites The Dust, JetBlue Ending 3X Earning at Amazon

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JetBlue Ends 3X Earning Partnership with Amazon

JetBlue Ends 3X Earning Partnership with Amazon

JetBlue has sent out emails to all members that their partnership with Amazon is going to be ah changing.  And it ain’t good folks!  We will no longer be able to earn 3X JetBlue points when shopping on Amazon unless you are doing it when logged in to Fly-Fi during JetBlue flights.

Details on the Change

The JetBlue and Amazon partnership is a little over a year old.  Before this option it was very difficult to earn portal payouts on Amazon except for in selective categories.

The change goes into affect on 3/27/18, so hit it hard while you can!

After that you will only be able to earn the extra points while flying JetBlue.  I don’t know many people that do their shopping while in the air but I guess that can benefit a few people.

JetBlue Ends 3X Earning Partnership with Amazon


This is horrible news for big time re-sellers that did a lot of sourcing on Amazon.  They were able to rack up hundreds of thousands of JetBlue miles with this partnership.

Hopefully Amazon partners up with someone else going forward but I wouldn’t count on it.


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