JetBlue Points Match Update: How Long It Took to Receive My Confirmation

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JetBlue Points Match Update

JetBlue Points Match Update

I have received a lot of questions from readers about the latest status of the JetBlue Virgin America points match. I covered all of the terms of the promotion here and discussed how long transfers from SPG take here.

After receiving confirmation of my points transfer on Saturday 6/25, I sent a message to JetBlue at 8:21am Pacific time with a screenshot from my Virgin Elevate account. I figured it would be awhile before I heard back and indeed it was. Then, last night (6/27) at 7:43PM Pacific I received the following email:


You are now registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match!

Way to let your independent flag fly! To take advantage of the #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match and earn your bonus TrueBlue points, just book and take a roundtrip JetBlue flight by August 31, 2016.

Once you fly, your points will automatically be added to your TrueBlue account within 4 – 6 weeks.

Thanks again for spreading your wings!

See you onboard soon,
The TrueBlue Team

So to answer your questions, JetBlue seemingly hasn’t backtracked on this overly generous promotion. Have you received your confirmation? If so how long did it take? Share your data points in the comments!


  1. Sent my email to JetBlue on JULY 4th itself, at night, after the fireworks were over.

    Got the confirmation email yesterday. I fly JetBlue quite a bit anyway, so the extra points were icing on the cake….

    Now to do my next trip, and wait 4-6 weeks for the points to post.

  2. Anybody else having trouble getting matched? I sent a screenshot that exactly mirrored their example yet got this response in return:

    You are not registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match.
    The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion. If you would like to try again, please resend a screenshot that includes all of the information as shown below.
    Thank you!
    The TrueBlue Team

    I resent the screenshot but am getting worried since it is taking so long for them to respond.

      • Got my match confirmation this afternoon. I had resent the screenshot on Thursday, with a note saying that it mirrored the example they show for this promotion and that I had increased the size on the screenshot in case that was any part of the problem. Later that day I also called into JetBlue. They said I just needed to wait for the confirmation email and when I said I was concerned that the deadline was approaching, the rep assured me that as long as I had initiated the process in advance of the deadline, I would be okay.

  3. E-mail Friday 24th 2PM EST. No response. Sent again Monday June 27th 435 EST. Still no response. Not even a confirmation that my e-mail was received. Any suggestions/thoughts? Thanks.

  4. Should we pay for the round trip or can we buy using miles? Also, if I don’t have a short round trip, can I just spend that money on a round trip ticket with out travelling? Please advise.

    • All the answers are in the terms and conditions. Why don’t you read it and find out for yourself instead of asking to get the information spoon fed to you? The terms are pretty clear on their website…

      • Can you provide me that link for terms and conditions? I am totally new to miles and still in the process of learning. I do have 40k SPG points and would love to use them for this deal.

        Hope you understand.

        • It’s definitely a lot of information but Tony is correct in saying please read, read and read more. Shawn’s post here has a link to his original post which has the full terms from JetBlue.

          So yes, unless you have a round-trip planned (but not yet booked) with JetBlue already, you will need to book one after you get the confirmation from JetBlue.


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