The Journey Has Begun In More Ways Than One!

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Our father/son journey has begun!
Our father/son journey has begun!

A few days ago I shared a little bit about my upcoming trip and how I love to plan my travel “on the fly”.  I mentioned that we are taking Amtrak up to Seattle and then over to Chicago before flying to an unknown destination and then returning home.

While I haven’t booked anything yet beyond Chicago, I do believe we are going to fly to Panama from Chicago and stay there for a few days before traveling to Costa Rica and then home.  As always, I am hesitant to book in case I change my mind. (I really need to book soon!)

The main reason for this post is to let everyone know that the adventure has begun and we are now on the Coast Starlight Amtrak train traveling between Los Angeles & Seattle.  While I will cover this trip later on the blog, I am posting photos and commentary on social media in REAL TIME!  If you are interested, be sure to check us out there. (The scenery is amazing! I highly suggest you take a look!)


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Some of the amazing views from the first couple hours of our trip. (Originally shared on Facebook & Instagram!)
Some of the amazing views from the first couple hours of our trip. (Originally shared on Facebook & Instagram!)


Next week I will have a huge announcement about the direction of the blog and where we are heading!  I am really excited about a new partnership that will be coming to fruition and can’t wait to make a formal announcement. (Hopefully by early next week!)

Also, I am officially confirmed as a speaker at the Family Travel for Real Life conference being held in Washington DC this August 23. I will be talking about taking extended summer vacations with children. Long vacations? Family travel? This is right about my alley!

Coming Up

My goal with Miles to Memories has always been to fuse articles about “travel hacking” with posts about my travel experiences & family travel. This will be more evident than ever this coming week.

Coming up I have the continuation of my “Anatomy Of A Road Trip” series where I breakdown the costs & logistics of our three month European backpacking trip.  I will also bring you new posts about my experiences in India and hotel reviews from both India & Japan.  Then there is also the coverage of this epic father/son trip that we are on now.

In closing, please subscribe to my various social media channels to interact with me & my family as we travel.  I love interacting with everyone on the various platforms and I promise that seeing the photos and posts in real time is an awesome compliment to reading the details about everything later.

Oh and all of that travel hacking stuff?!? I will have a ton more of that too! Have a great weekend!



    • It is a great train ride. So scenic. We only did a roomette, but the bedroom looks so much nicer. We leave on the Empire Builder tomorrow to Chicago. Can’t wait!


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