Judge Threatens To Block Carnival Cruise Ships From Docking In The US

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Judge Threatens To Block Carnival Cruise Ships From Docking In The US

Is this grandstanding? Does a federal judge have this kind of power? I would probably say yes to both of those questions but if I was Carnival I wouldn’t want to find out myself.  Because if they don’t follow the Judge’s orders she is willing to block Carnival Cruise ships from docking in US ports.

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What Happened?

Carnival Cruise has been on probation for the last 2 years as a part of a $40 million settlement. They were busted illegally dumping oil into the ocean for 8 years with their Princess Cruises ships. They then proceeded to lie to authorities when they were busted.

According to court documents they have continued their shenanigans while under probation.  They have sought to avoid unfavorable findings by getting ships ready in advance of audits and they have falsified records.  Carnival Corp. has also dumped plastic garbage into the ocean and discharged gray water into Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, which is illegal. Prosecutors have alleged that Carnival Corp. has also tried to lobby the U.S. Coast Guard via a back channel to change the terms of the settlement. The company has acknowledged these wrong doings.

Because of all of these violations U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz will have to decide if Carnival Corp.’s probation should be revoked at a hearing in June.  That is also when punishment could be levied for these latest violations.  The June hearing is when Judge Seitz said a decision would be made whether or not Carnival Corp. would be banned from US ports.

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Carnival Corp. sounds like a real peach.  I am not delusional enough to think this is the only cruise line to do similar things but this type of stuff needs to stop.  If they treat the waterways like a dumping ground they will ruin their main attraction.  And to do it while you are on probation is arrogant and ignorant.  I hope the Judge follows through on the threat of blocking their US port access if they don’t turn things around by June but I highly doubt that will ever happen.


Source: Miami Herald



  1. And their settlement was $40 million? Pretty sure there are much bigger settlements for lesser charges.

    How can $40 million be acceptable to a cleanup effort that is likely hundreds of millions of dollars and irreparable damage? And this is from a multi billion dollar company!

    .. and all their boats (not just theirs) are registered in foreign countries to avoid tax obligations here.

    Only in America.


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