Save 20% at JW Marriott with New Amex Offer


jw marriott amex offer

Save 20% at JW Marriott with New Amex Offer

There’s a new Amex Offer that can make you a profit or save you money at JW Marriott properties. The offer is showing on all SPG and non branded Amex cards.

The Offer

Get 4,000 additional Membership Rewards points (or $40 statement credit) one-time by using your enrolled Card to spend $200+ on room rate and room charges, when you pay for your stay with JW Marriott from 3/30/18 to 6/18/2018.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid only at JW Marriott® locations in the US.
  • Reservations must be made online at, by using the Marriott Mobile App or via phone to Marriott Worldwide Reservations, 1-888-236-2427.
  • Excludes Curated by JW purchases.
  • Excludes gift card purchases.
  • Offer only valid on room rate and room charges.


This is a great discount if you have any planned stays at their properties, and could even be a moneymaker. Some people have had success in the past getting gift cards at the front desk, however that isn’t guaranteed since it is excluded in the terms.

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  1. Sorry but is it even possible to turn this into a 20% savings at any actual JW?

    I hate these phony math headlines.

    • What are you talking about? Most here would have several Amex cards to split the bill across, getting 20% off $200 for each card, easily saving 20% off the total.

      I hate these phony comments.

      • “Most” here have multiple cards with the offer? I doubt it.

        But even if “most” do, the bill would need to be a precise multiple of $200 to get 20% off the offer — let alone “easily”.

        I put a card on my reservation and I’m done. Never check out, never deal with check-in shenanigans around payment.

        You start pulling 4 cards from your wallet to break up your JW Marriott bill across 4 of them. Cool, cool.

        If your bill is $900, you don’t get 20% off. If your bill is $250, you don’t get 20% off. If your bill is $2000, you get nowhere near 20% off.

        I hate these phony responses.


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