Kayak Travel Hacker Guide 2017 Released: Lots of Interesting Data!

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Kayak Travel Hacker Guide 2017

Kayak Travel Hacker Guide 2017

Travel search engine Kayak has released their new Travel Hacker Guide for 2017. While they may use the term Travel Hacker different than some of us, the data they provide is both fascinating and somewhat helpful. To compile the guide, Kayak analyzes data from over 1 billion searches on the site to determine when it is best to book, which destinations are the hottest and even which ones present the best value.

Top Trending Destinations

Old Havana
Old Havana

Kayak describes this list as: “These international cities are going viral: they’ve seen the biggest increase in flight searches this year vs. last.”

I was happy to see the gorgeous city of Medellin come in at #8 on the trending list with a 28% increase in search traffic. Auckland is also finally getting some attention as well with a 44% increase and coming in at #2 is Reykjavik, Iceland with a 77% increase. I think WOW Air probably has something to do with that.

Of course a trending list wouldn’t be complete without a number one destination. In this case #1 isn’t a surprise since it is a place once off limits to most Americans. Yes, Havana is the top trending destination by FAR with a 191% increase in search traffic.

Top Overall Destinations

Kayak Travel Hacker Guide 2017

Sure trending destinations are fun to look at, but where do people travel the most? The popular list largely remains the same with the top 3 cities Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles returning in the 1, 2 and 3 spots. Among the other cities, Chicago, Denver, Miami and Seattle moved up a spot, while San Francisco, Orlando and Washington DC moved down.

More Data

The guide goes on to detail which beach destinations are the most popular, which destinations have the most wallet friendly flights and how far out you should book in each area of the world. I love this data driven look at traffic and look forward to this guide coming out every year.

You can find the complete Kayak Travel Hacker Guide 2017 here. What are your thoughts? Are there any surprises on the lists? Please share in the comments.


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