Back From Vacation & Kindle Holiday Giveaway Winner

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Kindle Winner
Riding the carousel at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco with my son this past weekend.

Back On the Beat

As you may have noticed today with the volume of posts, I am back from my family holiday mini-vacation. While I did keep up with a few posts during the trip, I am back here at Miles to Memories Global HQ working at my normal pace!

Traveling is always a lot of fun (I am a travel blogger after all), however it does throw me off of my schedule a bit. This is especially true when we are visiting family. I felt a little guilty ducking into my dad’s office to write, but fortunately that didn’t happen too often.

Following a couple of days at my dad’s house, we spent a little time in San Francisco, which is one of my favorite cities in the world. I can never get enough of the City by the Bay! I wrote a little about the trip with a few tips earlier today.

Kindle Winner

Kindle Winner

As a thank you to readers, I held a Kindle giveaway this past week. It ended on Sunday night with 87 total entries! To choose a winner I headed to and used their integer generator. I asked for a random number between 1 and 87 and the system gave me a 4!

The 4th comment on that post was from Todd S. who wrote: “I am thankful for my parents who are still with me and active at ages 85 and 88! Thanks, Shawn!!” No, thank you Todd and congratulations! I will be in contact to get your address for shipping.


Thank you again for being such amazing readers! The growth of this blog continues to inspire me. Now that I’m back, look forward to the usual schedule of 3-5 posts per day! Have a great New Year’s holiday!


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