500 La Quinta Points in 15 Seconds – Extend Your Expiration Date


La Quinta 500 points

La Quinta 500 points

A couple of years ago La Quinta had a pretty fun slot machine type promotion. During the early days of that promotion many people were able to rack up thousands of points in a program they otherwise never used.

I didn’t play a lot like some, but my family still managed to end up with a few thousand points stranded in each of our accounts. While we don’t have any immediate plans to stay at a La Quinta, eventually we hope to build up enough points for a free night beside a highway somewhere.

Thankfully La Quinta runs a variety of small promotions from time to time offering a few hundred bonus points. These promotions help us keep activity on our accounts which keeps our points alive until we have enough for a redemption. One of these promotions is going on now.

How to Get the Points

You have two options for getting your 500 points.

La Quinta 500 points
It says 72 hours, but my bonus posted instantly.

Points Post Right Away

One of the nice things about La Quinta is that you don’t need to remember to check in 4-6 weeks to see if the bonus has posted. Simply fill out the form and then go check your account right away. The bonus posts instantly!


500 points isn’t a lot, but it helps to keep your points active and there are enough of these promotions that eventually you could have enough points for a free night. Happy clicking.

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  1. Same problem here. Tried both my & my wife’s member # – “Member ID not found.”
    @DaninMCI – I guess some programs are just better to let go….. have had similar lack of success trying to do ANYTHING on Best Western’s site.

    • Thanks. Somehow I missed that. I wonder how they can try to justify that with this language on their site, “*La Quinta Returns points will never expire as long as your account remains active by earning or redeeming
      Points at least once every 18 months.” By making you watch a video and input the form you are earning the points and thus the expiration date should be extended.

  2. Am I the only one that has trouble getting this to work. I enter my member number that is valid if I log into my account and last name (tried difference upper and lower case combos and it still doesn’t work for me and just gives me a invalid number or last name error message. One more reason I still hate La Quinta.

    Do you know what La Quinta means, I don’t know but it must mean “Don’t visit our website, stay at our hotels or take part in any of our promos as your points will just expire almost as fast as Spirit airlines and are harder to keep alive than Air Berlin”. Gosh I’m bitter with this program and I thought I hated Wyndham the most.


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