Farflung Hotels, Japan First Class Awards, Fidelity Amex Tax Free, Sneaky La Quinta & More


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la quinta points expiration

Miles to Memories Roundup & Updates

On tonight’s roundup I have an update on La Quinta point expiration, a look at some cool posts that caught my eye and a “MtM Great Deal” that may be of interest. Enjoy!

Quick Update on Sneaky La Quinta

The other day I posted about a way to earn 500 free La Quinta points. At the time I mentioned it was a good way to extend your La Quinta expiration date. Well, apparently the only way to extend the expiration is through a stay.

This is quite dirty, since La Quinta’s  own website says, “La Quinta Returns points will never expire as long as your account remains active by earning or redeeming Points at least once every 18 months.” To get the 500 points you have to watch a video and fill out a form. The points are thus earned and should extend the expiration, but alas they don’t.

Posts that Caught my Eye

Here are some posts that I thought were interesting today:

AMAZING DEAL: Japan Airlines First Class Award Space Wide Open!!!

Japan Airlines has a ton of first class availability between the U.S. & Japan from now until next year. During the Summer it is limited, but for this Fall and next Spring many flights have up to 4 first class seats open. This could be a mistake, so act fast if you are interested.

7 Farflung Hotel Redemptions

From Tibet to Borneo to Varanasi, Drew covers some very interesting award redemptions. While I didn’t get to Varanasi last year during my India trip, everyone I spoke to couldn’t stop talking about the experience. It sounds like a very overwhelming, but interesting place.

Is the Fidelity Amex the best cashback card in the universe?

With the increased bonus offer, this is a timely article. Harlan really loves this card primarily for the ability to deposit rewards directly into a ROTH IRA. And you know what, he is right. By getting credit card rewards tax free and investing them in a vehicle that will never incur tax, you really are winning.

More Delta Routes Offered for Just 5000 Miles One Way

So Delta is charging only 5,000 miles on some short haul routes. It started with LAX-SFO, but there are a number of routes now. Now that the company has removed their award chart, things like this are possible. Since Delta has been far from the most most consumer friendly company, I suspect these are tests ahead of a likely revenue based redemption system in 2016.

Great Deals

Miles to Memories Great Deals are limited time offers that are smaller in nature and thus don’t warrant their own post. They are sometimes published in the Great Deals feed and sometimes included here.

  • Staples has a coupon offering $100 off any clearance PC or $50 off any clearance tablet. If you can find anything decent in-store this is a good coupon, but usually there isn’t much. I wouldn’t go out of my way to pursue it, but if you find yourself in a Staples store, take a look to see what they have on clearance.


Hopefully this gives you something to read on this beautiful Sunday evening. Have a great night!

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  1. How did you find out about the LaQuinta pts expiration?

    When you post something like that in a round-up post, can you link to the article you found the information from? Or recount the data point in more detail that led you to believe the statement?

  2. If you have LaQuinta points that are about to expire, you can always donate them to the Fisher House program. Not having any LQ stays planned in the next six months, I was happy to donate my 3000 points that would have otherwise disappeared, unused.


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