U.S. Department of State Issues Level 3 Warning for Sri Lanka: Reconsider Travel


Level 3 Warning for Sri Lanka

U.S. Department of State Issues Level 3 Warning for Sri Lanka: Reconsider Travel

The U.S. Department of State issued a Level 2 travel advisory for Sri Lanka, following the suicide bomb attacks that took place a few days ago. Soon after it was increased to Level 3: Reconsider Travel.

The new travel warning indicates that terrorist groups continue to plot attacks in Sri Lanka, which prompted the government to increase the warning on Friday. The Level 3 warning came just one day before a shootout between Sri Lankan police and suspected terrorists that left ten civilians (among whom were six children) and six suspected terrorists dead.

The Department of State ordered all school-age family members (K-12th grade) of U.S. government employees in Sri Lanka to depart the country. They also authorized a voluntary departure for non-emergency U.S. employees and their families.

Other Level 3 countries include Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Lebanon, Honduras and Nicaragua. Level 4 is the highest travel advisory warning.

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  1. Many u.s. cities like Baltimore, Detroit are up there as the most dangerous cities in the world’s.

    Interestingly most cities in the middle east under stable monarchy and sharia law are the safest, even for women.

  2. I think Saudi Arabia just executed many people who were against the current regime.
    Sharia Law is NOT TOLERANT of other people’s and their religion.
    I know, wishful hoping and thinking on your part Debit. But not true.

    • Those were political killings lorrie. And I never said sharia is tolerant. It’s very rigid and you get punished if you do not do exactly what’s asked if you. That’s what creates the safety.

      I am not defending sharia just saying as it is. People were a lot more secure under the old Soviet union or under the Taliban or even the ISIS. Whether people wanted those rules over them is a different matter.

      Uncertainty leads to a lot of insecurity. Which is why I think obama was an idiot. He never was firm about his foreign policies and frankly trump is an idiot too but he gets a pass because he dithers on everything so people don’t take him seriously.


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