LAST DAY to Redeem the Lowe’s Amex Offer & Suggestions for What to Buy


 lowes amex offer last dayLowe’s Amex Offer

This is just a quick reminder that today is the last day to redeem the Lowe’s Amex Offer giving a $10 statement credit with a purchase of $50 or more. I headed over to my local Lowe’s today to redeem the offer on 10 cards that still have it and was able to split my transaction across the cards.

While a couple of friends were able to find variable load eBay gift cards and split the transaction between them, I had no such luck, so I settled for a 20% discount on Shell gift cards. I can either use them for gas or sell them for up to 92% of face value and thus make my money back plus a few bucks.

How about you? Did you head out to Lowe’s to maximize this offer? If so, which cards did you buy? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I had issues Wed using my offer. I only got 1 email out of 3 cards. None of the offers says used, even for the card where I did get the email.

  2. Went with Shell too – but only got one e-mail confirmation for one card (out of a few) I used that had the offer linked to it.

  3. I totally didn’t think about Ebay. Saw some and was debating so long that I settled for Vons. I normally utilize their program for Chevron gas, and Lowes didn’t carry them.

    I figure I can choose from a larger selection and maybe get those Ebay if I decide not to get gas lol.

  4. 4×50 Ebay, 3×50 Whole Foods, 2×50 Shell two days ago.
    Got $10 on all 9 cards.

    Is BP cards less profitable than Shell or Mobil?

  5. My Lowe’s had different versions of the Kindle /Amazon GCs. I bought a few $50 ones. Also got Starbucks and Subways.

    Saw different department store GCs, gas, Coldstones, Steak n Shakes, AMC, SW airlines, eBay and FB.


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