eBay iTunes Sale & The Unicorn You Missed While Sleeping Last Night


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Lowe’s Unicorn & iTunes Gift Card Deal

Ah sleep. The biological necessity that forces us to miss great deals! Last night at 12:01am Pacific time PayPal began an awesome 20% off sale on Lowe’s gift cards. (The best I have ever seen.) While I was sleeping and missed it too, I know quite a few people were able to score some cards. This is a great deal for two reasons.

  1. These cards were sold by PayPal Digital Gifts and earned 5X with a Chase Ink Cash/Plus.
  2. At 20% off face value, these cards can be sold for a profit.

Unfortunately the deal sold out within minutes I am told. A fact that PayPal apparently didn’t think about when they sent me an email about it at 6am!

Lowe's Unicorn & iTunes Gift Card Deal
Sorry sucker! This deal ended 6 hours before we sent this email. Sleep is for losers!

If you were awake at that time and for some reason missed this, let it be a good reminder to setup some Slickdeals Deal Alerts. If you were sleeping like me, don’t cry. You win some and you lose some.

eBay iTunes Deal

Fortunately there is another decent PayPal Digital Gifts deal today. Currently they are selling iTunes gift cards at 15% off on eBay. Depending on your bulk relationships you may be able to sell these for breakeven and keep the points. Definitely not as good a deal as the Lowe’s unicorn, but something.

Happy sleeping!

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  1. How much is the resale value on the $100 Lowes Gift Cards approximately?

    I know it depends on the resale site, etc……..

    One blogger claimed he was able to purchase 14 Lowes Gift Cards early this morning. Others said they were blocked after purchasing 2.

  2. Where did you sign-up to get that pay-pal member specisl offer e-mail you got at 6:00am? Do you have pay-pal cards? I judt have an account.

    I do get slickdeal alerts, but never got this one. I have “gift cards” as an alert. I wonder if I need to add more specific alerts.


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