The “Low Moments” Are Memories Too!

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Today was the first day of the Kerala Blog Express and I had the opportunity to talk with some of the other bloggers.  I find it fascinating to speak with well traveled people because I am often curious about where they have been and the experiences that they have had.

I was overly impressed with everyone I spoke to.  They relay their experiences with an ease that I strive for.  Most everyone here is passionate about travel and the way they recall their experiences reflects that.

I have so many memories from my travels.  Most of these memories are good, but there are several bad ones as well.  I was talking with someone yesterday about tough experiences on the road.  The so called “low times”.  Anyone who has traveled long term knows what this is.

The other blogger was telling me about being stuck in Pahrump for two weeks last year during a six month U.S. road trip. Anyone who knows of Pahrump or has ever visited knows that it a rough place to be stuck.  Like end your marriage rough!

With that said, the low times are the ones I most often remember.  These are the times when I have questioned why I am traveling.  These are the times when I wasn’t having fun.  Travel most definitely is not always fun, but the bad times help put the good times into perspective.

So to close, today I am grateful that I was not stuck in Pahrump for two weeks.  I do have stories to tell about feeling stuck and being cold and not feeling well and the list goes on and on, but these memories, the ones I share with my wife and son, are times and things that we will continue to bond over for the rest of our lives.

I do still have one question though. Is the moment when I jumped off of the pictured rope swing and landed flat on my back in the water a good memory or a bad one?

I apologize for the lack of consistent posts over the past week, but I have had a strenuous travel schedule which included flights and city visits that I will definitely cover for this blog.  As for the Kerala Blog Express, I have been posting photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but won’t be writing about most of my experiences until the trip is over!


  1. I think I had a very similar impression of everyone that day–how do they all have such precise brands that they communicate easily without sounding salesy. And I was so glad everyone else was bored of hotels. That, and it was like the first day of school, with the added weirdness of some people already knowing others via the internet.


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