A Cool Way To Visualize And Track Where You Have Visited


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The full sized scratch off map.
The full sized scratch off map.

Remember the Places & the Memories With a Scratch Off Map

When I was younger and hadn’t yet gone very many places, I tracked my travels by counting the number of states that I had visited. As a child I lived in California and we really only visited Nevada. Later on, we moved to Nevada and I visited Arizona and Utah a couple of times, but that was as far as I had been other than a one week vacation in Cabo and a few day trips to Tijuana.

When my wife, son & I set out on our 18 month family backpacking trip in 2007, I had no idea that a mere seven years later I would be sitting very close to 70 countries visited. That is an amazing number not because of its size, but because of the memories that were created during those trips.

I used to have a spreadsheet where I had a simple list of countries visited in sequential order. While that served its purpose to remind me of where I had been, it did it in a boring way. Then one day I discovered this cool scratch off map which helped to visualize the countries that I had visited. Scratching off the map has almost become a ritual after returning home from a trip. (They also have a deluxe scratch off map which is a bit more robust.)

The more compact travel scratch off map.
The more compact travel scratch off map.

Luckies of London Scratch Map

The Luckies of London Scratch Map is entirely gold when you receive it. After traveling to a new country, simply scratch off the top layer corresponding to that country to reveal it in a different color. Not only is it fun to do, but it is a fantastic way to illustrate where you have been and to remind you of all of the places that you haven’t yet traveled. The world is such a big place!

For those who want a smaller version of the scratch off map, Luckies makes a travel map which is essentially the same thing just smaller. While I prefer to have my map hang on the wall so I can see it, I could see the travel map being more practical for those who are constantly on the go. Additionally, for those who still count their travels by the number of states visited, Luckies has a scratch off map for that as well!


These maps are not only a great way for you to keep track of where you have been, but children love them as well because they are so visual. Either way I personally love this idea and thought I would share these maps with you. Happy travels!

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