Marriott and SPG Announce Hotel Category Changes

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Hotel Category Changes
SLS Las Vegas. (Photo: Business Wire)

Marriott and SPG Hotel Category Changes

Marriott and SPG have published their annual category changes. These changes will take effect on March 7, 2017 for both programs.

Category Changes


This year about a quarter of Marriott properties are changing categories. Out of those, 60% will move up and 40% will move down. You can see all the changes here.


SPG hotels are going mostly in the other direction. Less than a quarter of their properties are changing categories. Out of those, 63% will move down and 37% will move up. You can see all the changes here.


In general, there’s no major changes here as it’s normal for hotels to move up or down in categories. But it could mean big changes if you were eyeing any of these properties. Take a moment to review these changes now, if you have upcoming plans. If your favorite hotel or resort is moving up to a higher category, you can still book now at the current redemption rate before the 2017 category changes go into effect. If it’s moving down, then hopefully you can wait till then to book your reward stay.

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