How To Get Wine For $2 Per Bottle With Amex Offer And 50% Discount

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martha stewart wine offer

How To Get Wine For $2 Per Bottle With Amex Offer And 50% Discount

American Express has an Amex Offer for Martha Stewart Wine that gives you a $40 credit when you make a purchase of $50 or more. That’s a great discount, but most orders also have a $9.99 shipping fee, which makes these bottles a bit more expensive.

Now there’s a promo code that can also get you $25 off $50 and free shipping. When stacked with Amex Offer, that’s a total of $65 off $75. Let’s see how it works.

How to Maximize

Go to Martha Stewart Wine website and enter promo code MARTHA25. The code is generated through referrals that show up when you place an order. That code gives you $25 off a $50 purchase, plus free shipping. It can only be used once per account.

Add at least $75 worth of wines to your cart, tax included. It might be difficult to get to $75 exactly, but a few dollars over won’t hurt.

The $25 discount should show when you go to checkout, and you should charge at least $50 to your American Express card that has the Martha Stewart Wine offer. A $50+ charge will trigger the Amex Offer and a $40 statement credit.


By stacking these offers, you will end up will a price of anywhere from $2 to about $5 for the most expensive wines they carry. Actual prices on the website vary from $12 to $25. These are private label wines and might not be the best wines out there and there. But most people could find a few wines they might enjoy. At worse, use them as cooking wine, or give them out as gifts.



    • MSer, the wines aren’t “private label” — they’re regular, producer-labeled wines recommended by Martha Stewart (for whatever that’s worth 😀 )

      But I agree the quality is probably not very impressive. I’ve tried a few “wine club” subscriptions (for points/miles, of course!), and only ever found two or three drinkable bottles out of the bunch.

  1. I wonder if this coupon can be paired with the MSW Groupon offer of 6 bottles for $49.99 but also includes a $50 gift voucher off a $75 purchase. You can then purchase the 12 bottle sample pack for $119.98 plus shipping. If my math is correct, you’d end up getting 18 bottles of wine (between Groupon & MSW) for a total of $14.98 with the AMEX offer. Comes out to $.83 per bottle.

  2. Do you think the wine will be good? I’ve found a lot of these subscription services don’t have the best wine but they often have amazing intro deals. You just have to make sure you cancel it because the regular price is generally super high.


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