How I Am Maximizing & Cashing Out the Lucrative Staples Amex Offer


Maximizing the Staples Amex Offer

Maximizing the Staples Amex Offer

There are so many Amex Offers right now my head is spinning. While I plan to share how I maximizing each of the major offers in a separate post, I thought I would share now how I plan to maximize the Staples Amex Offer.

As a reminder here is the offer:

Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a minimum of $100+ in one or more transactions at by 12/31/16.

This offer is no longer available to be loaded, but hopefully you saw my post about it back in November and loaded the offer to as many cards as possible.

Maximizing the Offer

Staples sells a wide variety of gift card including Visa gift cards, but fees can quickly eat into your profit. Thankfully Staples is offering 15% off iTunes gift cards. Depending on your bulk relationships, these cards should be breakeven if you sell them.


The Plan

My plan is to purchase 1 X $50 card and 1 X $100 card in the same transaction with each card linked to the offer. Since the total will be $127.50 I will trigger the Amex Offer. I should be able to sell the cards at cost (or maybe slightly better) and keep the $20 credit. I’ll also get to keep the rewards earned on that spend as well.


For me this is a quick and somewhat easy way to max out this particular Amex Offer as the expiration date comes closer. Do you have a better way of maximizing the Staples Amex Offer? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I just settled for Nordstrom cards as I need to do some shopping.

    Thoughts on the Best Buy Amex offer? I might pass this time around

  2. Shawn, you stay at Hyatt, right? I just buy Hyatt GCs. Yeah, there’s a bit of an opportunity cost in that you lose the 3x points from paying with the Chase Hyatt Visa for the stay, and I suppose you can still find Hyatt GCs at 1.5% or 2% off at Raise. But I don’t think anyone is hacking $100 Hyatt GCs and, in the event, I am using them pretty quickly, so this has been working for me. Feels like free money. Wish I had more cards (the $25 back on $200 at Newegg does not feel quite so sumptuous).

  3. I used mine and Hubby’s for things we were going to buy anyway… Home Depot, Overstock, DSW, Gap, Target, Target, Target. Gap was the best deal for me when the Amex Offer first posted. I got $120 worth of Gap cards for the $100, then $20 back.

  4. I’m looking to order some gift cards. Will I still get the credit if I order online today but the cards don’t ship for a few days? I know this offer expires today, and I’m concerned that even if I order today, my Amex card won’t be charged until the order ships (which might be a few days from now).


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