Another Devaluation: Meijer Gift Cards No Longer Work On 3rd Party Gift Cards


Meijer Gift Cards No Longer Work On 3rd Party Gift Cards

Meijer Gift Cards No Longer Work On 3rd Party Gift Cards

I recently posted about a Meijer Mperks gift card deal.  In that deal you could get $5 in Mperks back for every $50 in 3rd party gift cards purchased.  You could make it an even better deal if you purchased the 3rd party gift cards with discounted Meijer gift cards.  SVM sells discounted Meijer gift cards on eBay quite often. This is a trick that has worked for a while but it appears that Meijer gift cards no longer work on 3rd party gift cards.


A day or two after the post went live people commented that their Meijer gift card was denied at the self checkout register.  I decided to test it myself on Monday and used my remaining cards without an issue.  I figured it was a one off or just a local store issue.

More and more comments started rolling into our Facebook Group that their cards were not working either.  I have now heard it through the grapevine that Meijer is rolling out an update to all stores within the next 2 weeks.  This is still considered a rumor but it comes with a lot of evidence.

My suggestion is that if you have some discounted Meijer gift cards left over from the last sale then you need to use them this weekend.  Hopefully your store has not been converted yet.  Better to be safe than sorry.


The hits just keep on coming.  First it was Gamestop, then Best Buy, and now Meijer.  As one door closes usually a window opens but there have been a lot more closures than openings lately.  We must move on an adapt.  This one is sad though since it was a pretty easy score.

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  1. unable to use Meijer gift card to buy gift cards on 9/24 at my local store. For a double whammy, at same visit, this store refused to issue money order with my Visa gift/debit cards for the first time.

  2. mine still works in Indiana as of 2 days ago. bought $500 of home depot with Meijer GCs bought for 94% thru eBay. hope it’s not true as they are easy to get at a discount and was a nice addition to the GC margin

  3. I was one of those who commented that I could not use my Meijer gift cards to purchase a Best Buy gift card. However, I went to a Meijer in a neighboring town and I was able to purchase a Best Buy gift card with my Meijer gift cards. I guess it is YMMV.

    • Glad it worked out – word on the street is it will be hard coded at all locations in the next few weeks


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