New Amex Offers Automation Process, Chase Sapphire Retention Offer, Free Money from US Bank & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

My Retention Offer on my Chase Sapphire Preferred

It’s nice to see someone actually get a retention offer on this card. Perhaps with the tightening of approvals, Chase is working hard on the retention side. Either way, he made the right choice and took the points and then downgraded to Freedom!

Greece is a giant delusional clusterphuck!

It’s not often I link to TBB (normally it is the other way around), but this is definitely worth reading. He has a good understanding of what is going in Greece and an interesting perspective given his ties in the region and the fact that he just returned after spending a couple of weeks there.

When La Quinta points expire: Best way to extend them

A great idea and a good reminder that a lot of us have points expiring soon from that slot machine game 18 months ago. I reached out via Twitter. Hopefully I will hear back soon with good news.

How To Automate Enrolling In AmEx Sync Offers

This will take a little effort, but for those who really want automation, this is probably the only way to do it after the shutdown of SyncAssist.

Credit Card Updates

  • Chase and Marriott came out with an updated 80,000 point bonus on their Marriott Rewards Premier card. This seems like a good deal on the surface, but pay close attention. The older 70,000 point offer has the annual fee waived the first year & it comes with a free night in a category 1-4 property on approval. This new offer makes you pay the annual fee and no free night. Boo.

Great Deals

  • US Bank is offering $15 when you sign up for Visa Checkout and enroll your US Bank Visa card before August 15, 2015. To get the credit sign up through this link and then enroll your card. There is no need to make a purchase. HT: Doctor of Credit
  • Top Cashback is paying 2.25% on Amex Gift Cards today. This is a good deal for those who can easily liquidate these cards, but that is sometimes easier said than done.
  • Virgin America is having an 8 hour sale (ends at 4:59PM PT) with fares as low $38 each way for travel September 9, 2015 through February 15, 2016. You can check the routes available here, but Ebates, Top Cashback and BeFrugal are all paying $5, so start at one of those portals when making your purchase.

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  1. I called them the other week to downgrade one of my INK cards to the fee-free Ink Cash, and they just waived my $95 without even prompting, lol. Very nice.

  2. Can I use the same email I signed up for visa checkout for my chase visa card? Or do I have to use a diff email for the usbank card? Thanks!

  3. For anyone who doesnt have US Bank checking accounts, but have their CC and thinking of opening an account, there are a ton of hyper local US Bank branches (maybe in your area) with their own promotions. While the US Bank offering $15 Visa Checkout is solid, theres a nationwide deal for U.S Bank $125 Checking Promotion. But thats on the low end. My local SCAL US Bank has a $250 promotion to open accounts and keep deposits at a certain amount. Then theres another promotion for $75 at Ralphs. Open a new account and spend $75 via debit and US Bank credits back $75. Free money. Sorry, I forgot the details on this since I didnt look into it, but I know it exists now since I saw it everywhere this week. So I would suggest checking your local branch as they are NOT nationwide promos.

    • Hey Hayashi,
      Thanks for all the great info. Would u mind sharing which branch in SoCal is offering the $250 promo. I live in LA, but wouldn’t mind driving a bit for this offer….plus I got some $ to park and am looking to direct deposit my part time job check. Appreciate your help!

      • Hey Walt. No problem man. Always good to see local comrades in the area. I am in LA too bro! Around LA Live and downtown financial district. The branch that I walked into was in Irvine – 4180 Barranca Pkwy. Check local US Banks too. I walked in a few and nobody said anything. So call first and ask for Assistant Manager named Bon (a guy). I talked to him so you can say a friend referred you. Sorry I dont remember the T&Cs so I hope its not something stupid like $50k deposit for over 12 months. haha. Also ask about a program called “START” But this game definitely makes you drive all over CA man.

  4. The older Marriott VISA offer with the 70,000 points only gives you the free night at signup ONCE. You can get the points again after a 24 month gap. But not that initial free night. Happened to me and others, and CHASE verified it is policy and not an error when that free night didn’t post.


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