Digital Priority Pass, Doubling Citi Dividend 4Q 5%, Behind the Scenes at AA’s Reservation Switchover & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

Digital Priority Pass Membership card available!

This is actually great news since I find it hard to keep track of my (more than 1) Priority Pass memberships. The one I care most about comes from the Prestige because it allows two guests for free, so I think I’ll digitize that version. Oh how I love progress!

American Airlines’ Reservations Test: Smooth Travel This Weekend

Some great behind the scenes information about the disappearance of US Airways tomorrow. I have high hopes that American pull it off smoothly. Since I am flying early Sunday morning, I sincerely hope everything goes well! No systemwide computer crashes. Please?!?

Bet You Didn’t Know: Doubling the Citi Dividend 5% 4th Quarter Bonus Categories

A cool trick for maximizing the 4th quarter 5% category on the Dividend. Unlike other cards like the Freedom & Discover it, with the Dividend you can earn the entire yearly limit of $300 in one quarter. Definitely give this a read if you have a Dividend or if you still want to get one, since you can’t outright apply for the card anymore, but it is still possible to product change into it.

Terrifying Take-Off: Camera Rolls as Plane Engine Rips Apart

A passenger films out the window as part of the engine cover peels off on takeoff. Talk about scary. Thankfully the plane made a safe emergency landing, but that is definitely still scary!

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