Another Centurion Lounge, Gaming Vegas Loyalty, Staples Black Friday Opportunity & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

LAX Confirms New American Express Centurion Lounge Between Terminals 6 & 7

Thankfully it is now possible to get between Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 airside and Tom Bradley’s connector is coming online soon. It isn’t the easiest connection (through a series of strange tunnels), but I am glad LAX will be getting a Centurion Lounge and that flyers of most major airlines will have access to it.

#TravelCon2 Thoughts

I had to bow out for a few hours and thus missed Matt’s presentation on maximizing Vegas loyalty programs, but I loved his unique approach and the theory behind what he is trying to do.

Hyatt Extending Guest Of Honor Benefits For Diamond Members

Guest of Honor allows Diamond members to share their benefits with others on award stays. Since this is something you can sort of do in a shady way, I’m glad Hyatt is keeping this benefit and allowing people to do it legitimately.

Staples Black Friday Deals – iPad Mini 4 for $299 ($100 Off)

This is definitely a deal to look out for on Black Friday. If you can get more than one, then this will be an amazing Apple Pay reselling opportunity. I know finding such opportunities is high on my list. Of course it means I would actually have to go to a store on Black Friday and I’m not sure if I’m willing to do that!

Last Chance to Redeem Arrival+ Points under Old Terms

November 17 is coming and the biggest change is the 10% rebate being dropped down to 5%. It is probably a good idea to redeem as much as you are eligible for before the rebate drops. Remember there are more changes as well including a new $100 minimum redemption amount so redeem against those small purchases while you still can!

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