Hyatt Hack Update, State Department Travel Warning Myths, A Couple of Giveaways & More!


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Hyatt Completes Payment Card Incident Investigation

Up to date information on this hack including exactly which locations were affected. It seems most of the information was stolen from restaurants, but spas and front desks were affected as well. I know there are hotels I stayed at on the list. You can find the full list here.

Reselling Series: #6 Reselling Products From Kohl’s

I suspect more of you are interested in reselling than ever. As with anything I suggest a slow and steady approach. There are some unique challenges to reselling that other forms of MS don’t suffer from. I’ll have my first post on the subject this week. In the mean time Oren is doing a great job with this series.

The Most You Should Pay for a Hotel: Hyatt

An interesting idea to show regular folks how much they should pay for hotels. The idea is that you should never pay more in cash if you can purchase the points and use those for a cheaper price. This is the first in a series covering all of the major hotel chains.

Five myths about State Department travel warnings

The State Department warnings can get ridiculous. I have written about this before, but it seems they are trying to scare people in order to get them to stay home. Perhaps that isn’t their intention and there certainly is a need for some warnings, but the result is a lot of scared people. How many times has someone told you to “be careful” when you tell them about an upcoming trip to a place that is no more dangerous than you average American city?


TWO American Airlines $50 gift cards giveaway! – Dan from Points with a Crew is giving away 2 X $50 American Airlines gift cards. He has several ways to enter. Who doesn’t like a good giveaway?

Million HawaiianMiles & Cruise Giveaway – Win a few prizes including five 100K prizes and a 500K grand prize!

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  1. I understand your points regarding travel warnings and while I’m sure some are over the top, I’d prefer warnings are issued if it prevents just one outbreak regardless of whether or not it ruins the plans of travelers or the tourist industry. Travelling and the overall global culture re: travel has created an environment where disease and viruses are able to reach all corners of the world within days.

    Right now the CDC has issued a worldwide alert re: Zika virus, which has several confirmed cases across the globe and is transmitted through mosquitoes and is particularly deadly towards unborn babies. We’re in the midst of trying for baby #2 and this news is particularly worrisome. My mother-in-law is coming from one of the listed countries in about a week (is on a two week vacation). She had no idea there was a warning for Zika. Wife told her to wear long sleeve clothing and repellent.

    The wife is a Registered Nurse and had quite a bit of inside information regarding the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Lets just say it was very real and is yet another example of the public needing to be vigilant and take warnings seriously.

    With that said, I’m sure there are going to be many warnings that many will think were unnecessary, myself included. With global warming in full effect we’re going to see more outbreaks though and in general the public are a bunch of frogs thrown into a pot of cold water when it comes to common sense things. Many think things won’t happen to them (applies to anything in life). Others think they’re invincible and the concerns are over the top. The answer IMO is some where in the middle. Unfortunately, right or wrong, when it comes to topics like this or national security there isn’t much middle ground.


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