Citi Shutdown Anecdote, To Kill A Deal or Not, Clever Way to Evade Name Change Policies & Some Great Deals!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

Reader story – “How I got shut down by Citi”

Citi has been shutting down the accounts of some heavy hitters customers. I wouldn’t worry if you are only moderately playing the game, but it is something to keep in mind. People who have been shut down will notice their “available credit” suddenly becomes $0. The story above pretty much involves doing everything that a company wouldn’t like.

The 200K deal I didn’t kill, but should have

It is a fine line we walk as bloggers in deciding what to write about and what to publicize. As is mentioned in the post, I actually wrote about credit card funding of Citi accounts, but kept the spotlight off of it. (As did others.) The point is, no matter what we do, someone will be mad. Life isn’t all unicorns, rainbows and butterflies unfortunately. Decisions have to be made and I am happy when people make them thoughtfully. That is all we can ask and that is what is described in this post.

Redditor figures out loophole to evade Spirit Airlines name change policy

Changing the names two letters at a time over four calls. Brilliant!

Great Deals

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