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Why I’ve stopped stockpiling gift cards from 3rd party sites

I am now only buying cards if I have an immediate use. There simply is no reason to purchase a card that you will keep long term since just about every 3rd party site will stop guaranteeing a card after a certain period and there is a ton of fraud.

The New Old 5x Method For Buying Gift Cards

This is Verizon only, but you can basically buy gift cards and charge them to your phone bill which can then be paid with a card that earns 5X such as the Chase Ink or Amex SimplyCash. I wonder if similar services exist for the other big carriers.

T-Mobile Prepaid Visa Card Bites the Dust – Another MS Blow

Not much news here for me. I had a lot of trouble with this card when it first launched so I never really used it much, but others found more success. The card is shutting down as of July 27, 2016 with loads ending on June 27, 2016 in preparation.

Facebook’s 360-Degree Travel Videos Offer Destinations a New Path to Marketing

Are these videos life changing? I don’t think so. I do see why tourism boards would love them though and I’m sure people will be filling up their bucket lists with places they see on these 360 degree videos. The 12 Apostles (an example used in the article) are pretty spectacular but they don’t tell you about all of the flies when you see the video! 🙂

Great Deals

  • JetBlue is having a fare sale offering fares as low as $59.

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  1. Thanks for the info on 3rd party gift cards. I’ve been building up my AA and Hyatt cards when Ebay has a sale or bonus. Is there a general rule on length of validity?

  2. I checked Paypal Digital Gifts for expiration policy, but didn’t see anything about only honoring gift cards for a short time. I love your alerts on Ebay gift cards, and buy many as a result. Thanks for the information, but could I trouble you for some details?

    • Hi Christian. Perhaps I should have been a little more thorough in explaining. When you buy from PayPal Digital Gifts that is basically like buying them first hand. They issue the cards and have a direct relationship with the merchant.

      What I am talking about is purchasing from Raise, Cardpool or any other marketplace where the cards are being re-sold. I don’t have an issue getting cards from PayPal Digital Gifts, SVM or other direct companies on eBay or even in-store when there is a good deal or Amex Offer.

  3. I agree about the GCs from 3rd parties. I quit months ago because there were just too many fraudulent cards. I’ve never been into gift card arbitrage and only ever bought them when I needed them. Still, too much hassle.


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