Changing Travel with Age, Troubling Citi Changes, More Bluebird/Serve Shutdowns & More!


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Third Round Of BlueBird/Serve Shutdowns

Another round of shutdowns and so few of us left with a working card. This is not surprising and I expect we will see similar shutdowns on a regular (perhaps monthly) basis from here going forward.  At least one MSer I know has survived all three shutdowns. I am so jealous!

6 Ways Age Changes How We Travel

It is amazing how the way we travel changes with age. Sure, senior citizens travel much differently than 20 year olds, but it isn’t that simple. I don’t travel the same way in my 30s as I did in my 20s. I see things differently. Part of that is experience and part of it is just nature. I always say people should visit the same place every decade (or so) to view how changes within themselves impact the way they see and experience the world.

Much ado about Citi signup bonuses

Citi is definitely making some changes. They have now tightened the bonus rules, removed the bonuses for the ThankYou Premier and Preferred cards and the AT&T Access More card has disappeared and reappeared kind of. (It still isn’t on the Citi site, but the link from AT&T is working again.) FM has some interesting commentary and I certainly hope we see increased offers on the two ThankYou cards soon!

Great Deals

  • Groupon is offering 20% of local deals or 10% off Goods including electronics with the code SURPRISE. Expires today. Use a portal to save more.
  • Starbucks is giving Gold status after a single purchase by May 2nd. Normally it takes $150 in spend to get to Gold. Details here.

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  1. I can relate to the aging& travel article. I’m getting pretty close to 60 and Hubby beat me to it. My goal is to travel to the places I long to see before we hit 70. Anything after that is gravy. Thankfully, Hubby indulges me.

    Almost being killed in a car accident a couple of years ago added urgency to my wanderlust.


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