Amex Delta CLEAR Discount, 25% off Awards to Europe, Amex Biz Gold 75K Targeted Offer & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

American Express Delta Cardholders Now Get $100 (Really $20) Discount On CLEAR Memberships

Once upon a time I had 6 free months of CLEAR membership and only had to activate it at my own home airport. I never did. I now have the ability to get 6 free months again through my Founderscard membership but just don’t see the point. Honestly Precheck through my Global Entry is good enough, but if you are interested and once you exhaust any free trials available, I suppose a discount isn’t a bad thing. CLEAR does partner with A LOT of companies so make sure to check out all available discounts before buying!

Save 25% on Awards to Europe with new FlyingBlue Promo Awards

Some good deals considering that FlyingBlue is a transfer partner of pretty much all of the major flexible points programs. Keep in mind that you’ll have to position to the participating departure cities and FlyingBlue does have fuel surcharges so make sure to price your award out and compare all fees before transferring over any points.

Targeted American Express Business Gold 75k Offer Returns

Worth a check, especially considering the “once per lifetime” doesn’t seem to be present. Of course confirm that yourself and take screenshots to avoid any issues. I have tried all of the known tricks and still get errors so I guess I am indeed not targeted. Booooo.

Great Deals

Chipotle is still struggling to recover from their E.Coli outbreak and is giving away more free food. This time kids get a free meal with a 1 item purchase on Sunday’s in September. College students also get a free drink with ID. Details here.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Clear is useful when PreCheck will not work. For example, I made some trips in 2014 from IAH to CDG on AF. The IAH International terminal did not have a PreCheck, line but they did have Clear.


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